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friday 12/01/2018

Lovehina 1,28m
rudra 1,2m
aladin 1,18m
killic 1,43m

fu*king killic is the winner from my bid (again) smiley

sending now

I see, I still remember recently there is a 4+1 pack free.. and I get 4 digging bill... and a barden... gg haha

Congratulations Vintegro you just won the auction.

Thank you all for participating.

Sending you card

Sounds good

I have kruger

I can add 5 Heegrn Cr 0 xp

Lami mp !

I'm trying to complete my Ghosttown collection and i need a Butcher , but all i have is 299 k . Who would help me with this ? i'll be thankful

I trade or sell Guru cr 0 xp
Guru Cr - 19m
Like Mt

thursday 11/01/2018

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to get rid of the following cards (that may some day become Collectors or Mythics)
Every estimations can be renegociated according to the amount of cards involved.

48 Rolph 0xp at 37k/u

13 Methane 0xp at 28k/u

23 Z3r0 D34d 0xp à 35k/u

I'm looking to refill my collection with the following :

- Clintz

- #Behemoth at 580k/u

- #Maana Cercei at 540k/u

- Noctezuma Cr at 190k/u

- 1 Oon Cr at 95k

- Rex Sweig at 118k/u

- 1 #Pericles at 118k/u

- Dr Copernica Cr at 230k/u

You can post offers down below or PM me whenever.

Happy new year guys

Looking For,
Tessa Cr 0xp 3.2m
Vickie Cr 2.8m

Items are subject to price change based on market and i will have to check market before offerinf smiley

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