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sunday 06/11/2016

Earl 42k/t
akendram 17.7k/t
crassus 29.5k/t
ech pour cash/cartes>100k

saturday 05/11/2016

No one ?

i have 11 charlie full now

1 X Robb Cr 163 K
1 X Cardigan 36 K
1 X Heartnett 14,5 K
1 X Marina 67.5 K
1 X Quinn 7 K
1 X Aamir 44 K

PM ME !!!

Trade armanda cr 0xp vs 12 Bogdan 0xp
14 IronJaw 0xp
22 romana 0xp and 10,024 clintz

2700/each and ok I can't decrease my price as much,sry smiley

Hello I have 2 lots up for grabs first
Lot 1 :100 Zera 0xp 710ctz each .

Lot 2 : 50 Lizbeth 0xp 80k ea
Note I will not break a lot unless you want atleast 10 of one of the cards.
Other cards I can trade.

6 Ruru 0xp 30k ea.

3 Tanaereva Cr 0xp 485k ea.
I accept Card over 75k , Crs , and of course clintz.
Some price negotiable pm me offer
I am active a lot ill read and check with you guys soon smiley
Good trading.

I'm trading Lyse Teria Cr (10,000,000) for either General Cr (8,200,000), or Kiki Cr (10,400,000)
I will add the difference of Kiki, or accept the difference of General in clintz or cards.


Des miloz 0xp tu a?

Hello, pass sorry. I look for crs like yayoi,Shann,Alec in 0xp

friday 04/11/2016

I am trading 95 el papa gallo 0xp against your cassio cr ( full or 0exp)

I sell 25 sir barks 0xp 7500/each smiley

pm me smiley

thursday 03/11/2016

Looking to trade my ombre cr 0xp 484k for
Rex sweig 0 or full xp 144k
sylth 0 or full xp 175k
lizbeth 0 or full 82k
Liona 0 or full xp 33k

12 charlie full ?

I trade my kiki cr 0xp for a kiki cr full xp + compl

compl must be 500k in cards or clintz i dont care


you can pm me

Looking to buy rattle 0 exp for 40k each

looking for 50

I offer 60k clintz + 9 0xp Miss Nova for your Tsubame (any xp) . Negotiable smiley.
PM me.

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