wednesday 27/04/2016

Haha nothing like that pal just reminding couple players smiley

Well, Im just asking for prices.

Thanks for your opinion, but if thats all you have to say, better dont say anything next time.

99 Jayzel 0xp: 1650/each
35 Quasichoco 0xp: 5400/each.

In vp, mp for offers.

I sell
Ndololo full xp 1.180.000

Ndololo 0 xp 1.200.000

They're all full xp. Folks have been PM'd.

I sell my lvl 1 Stalfhaust, from GHEIST, per 29000! The lowest market price is 30000 so if you want such beautiful artwork for this amazing price PM me!

tuesday 26/04/2016

100 bertha good to go 210k
currently 2k on the market

No need 4 Yu Mei but if u have with 0xp message me

I sell 15 000 gatuchica 0exp 450 each.smiley
You must at least take 1 000 gatuchica 0exp smiley

Ulrich for the link

Hi, all your Mama Killa O xp by 5k/tete now smiley
For big lot I have a few CR like Splata CR, Jackie CR and Blaaster CR !

monday 25/04/2016

Buy Ongh 0xp by 90k.

If someone wants to sell just put in my private sales.,.

Update availability
Tara - 2100 per head max: 5
Pavel - 22500 per head max: 2
El Papa Gallo - 2600 per head max: 5
Gum: - 2350 per head max: 10
Steven Dan - 650 per head max: 15
Deborah - 3300 per head max: 9

Thanks smiley


Busco Lamar Cr por 1.12M

1. Jackie Cr full xp (350k) + 770k por Lamar Cr
2. Nahi Cr 0xp (385k) + 735k por Lamar Cr
3. Jackie Cr + Nahi Cr + 385k por Lamar Cr

Gracias smiley

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