tuesday 30/08/2016

Thanks _shaktale_

Only 15 Oflgn left

Busco en cualquier nivel lo siguiente: (todas las cartas se cotizan al precio del mercado o se puede negociar al momento del cambio)

Kiki Cr
Rass Cr
Manon Cr
Flavio Cr

Todas las cartas que intercambio son 0xp

Caelus Cr (full)
Dounia Cr
Skullface Cr
Seldnor Cr
Zatman Cr (full)
3 Dr. Copernicana ( 1full)

General Cr (only for Kiki Cr + complement)
7 Glover
18 Pilzken
11 Bryan Rb
9 Walker
13 Naginata
6 Raven
13 Brianna
12 Trish
12 Arnie
20 Gertrud Rb

6 Ymirah
9 Ruru
11 Lowki
8 Drak
19 Thorpah
14 Brok
11 Stompah
11 Haaken
10 Sah Brinak
9 Rad

12 Leviatonn
7 Koshiro
18 Toro
11 Djengo
9 XU52
15 stalfush
12 XU-Kr4ng
10 Wardom
9 Rolph
16 Eryka

5 Kerry
14 Buddy
14 Steve Rb
14 Campbell
14 Hax
16 Aurora
13 Reeve
10 Lennard
21 Buckler
17 Pastor

1 Rex Sweig
8 Rattle
18 Zaira
26 Drakorah
15 Mim
25 sharker
33 Wilde

2 Pericles (1 Full)
18 Octana
11 Lenora
4 Pr. Cushing

Can you update which cards are still available?

your 100 graks 0xp more 2MK in clintz or cards for mi lyse teira cr full?

Hi . I trade my crs for zatman cr

My cards :
87 Dr Norton Cr 0xp
47 Dr Copernica Cr 0xp
114 Boomstock 0xp
54 Kinichaw Cr 0xp
19 Impera Sloane 0xp
1 Jackie Cr Full
3 Emeth Cr Full
1 Caelus Cr full
1 Mona Cr 0xp
1 Blaaster Cr Full

All estimated for market price

I look for Zatman Cr

Pm me


I buy your Pino 0exp for 750 clintz each.

I search 37


I buy your Pino 0exp for 750 clintz each.

I search 37

50 each

Haven't played in almost 2 years. no need for them

Hi i buy all of your uranus 0xp 63k each smiley

270 k cash last offer smiley

monday 29/08/2016

Trade my Guru Cr 0xp for Guru Cr full xp + clintz or cards. Send PM smiley

For 325k you can buy full from market and for 344k you can buy 0xp....

sunday 28/08/2016

Can someone lend me a max xp VanSaar for a week pls? smiley

Selling her for 510k but i am open for every offers

Selling her for 1.7M and i am open for negotiations

Will you sell mim, xu-krang, and ymirah for cash? if so, let me know the price.


I Buy all your Skiner 0exp for 400 clintz each.


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