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tuesday 25/10/2016

Found a buyer for the Kerozinn, thanks for all the PM's guys and girls, but I'll close this subject down now!

I'll close this within 24h

Update: All cards are gone

PM me with your offer

monday 24/10/2016

Marco not needed anymore

Up, thank you and keep going smiley

1 Rattle for 45000 please.

Selling 40 Pilzken 0xp 45k/each

The full lot is 100 x.

Hello, I sell 50 Tuck 0xp for 11k/ea

Also have 40 Tomoe 0xp 15k/ea

ONLY CLINTZ , No Trades smiley
PM me for the fastest response
Price Negotiable.

Bon jour

- Lot 1: 120 Sasha 0xp --> pdd 8.7k/tete
- Lot 2: 150 Dr Falkenstein 0xp --> pdd 8.3k/tete

Je cherche cash et cartes aussi (raptors surtout)

Derniere offre 21:59:59 ce soir


I'm selling my Alec cr for 730k and meckakolos cr for 145k will also consider trades of some description

smiley cheers

sunday 23/10/2016

Put in my Private sales please.

For anyone else, PM for faster response.

1 Alexei 4.3k
1 Dorothy 2.5k
1 Ashley 2.8k
1 Hendz 3.3k
1 Lewis 500
1 Mulligan 0.9 k
1 Quinn 8.4 k
1 Randy 4.1k
1 Sigurd 1.7k

Change for card?

Up smiley i've already got 22 smiley

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