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wednesday 07/12/2016

Added tag dont forget next time, thanks smiley

Cards looking for estimations
Splata Cr 1.4 mil
Tessa Cr 1.4 mil
Lyse Teria Cr 9.5 mil

The number closest to the card is how many I have, yes its 53 Oakley, and 57 July and 13 Gum

tuesday 06/12/2016

My Ymirah, Dwain Cr and Melissa Cr (all 0 xp) for Tessa Cr (any xp)

monday 05/12/2016

Closing this subject for some reasons.

Selling my Copper Cr 0xp for 125k, interested, PM me smiley

Already done, thnakssmiley

Hi all.I trade your Guru Cr for:
6.5 mlns Clintz
Alec Cr (640k)
Smokey cr(350k)
Dalhia cr (250 k)
Copper cr (120k)
Ongh(130 k)
Marco cr (100k)
Kalindra cr (520 k)
Shann Cr(91 k)
Kolos (82k)
Friskah x 30 (5x 30= 150k)

Pm me please

110k, my pv smiley

sunday 04/12/2016

Hello everyone!
Im selling Ymirah and I'm looking for 360 000 +pandora

i want to trade Dragomir for Nexus

Trade can be done 4 times.
Thx smiley

Prepare a good subject with every detail like estimation xp of card and estimation of what you search, i close this
thanks smiley

I'm looking for
3 Ymirah + 50k
1.3 million cash for my elya cr
Pm me if you're interested smiley

Elya Cr 0xp + 90k for Vickie Cr & Tanaereva Cr
Elya Cr 0xp + 50k for Vickie Cr & Jackie Cr


Few crs for trade

Smokey Cr 0xp - 350k
2 dounia Cr 0xp - 330k
2 Shann Cr - 90k
2 Rhee Cr - 42k
Jackie Cr - 380k
2 lulabee - 50k
2 chad bread - 95k

Mainly looking for clintz or 0xp lots like ongh (160k),shakra (120k).

saturday 03/12/2016

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