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friday 14/10/2016

Impera Sloane 0exp for Page Cr +5k?

Pm me smiley i can add lil clintz. If you want.


I want an ymirah and a moai (dont care about exp)!

I have to trade 30 arantxa 0 exp and a dregn full smiley

If you are interested, let me know smiley
Greetings! and have a good day smiley

Dr Elisa(38 K)
Moses(15 K)
Vermaire(25 K)
Oscar (8 K )
Spiaghi (2,5 K)


Prices of ursula and both cards is almost same

Ill buy it for 130K as you said smiley

Private sell me for 50,000 Clintz.

Thank you in advance.


Hey i have 700k clintz. looking for good useable cards in colesium.

Sigmund Cr 1050000
Splata Cr 1350000
Melissa Cr 450k
Dwain Cr and Jim Cr 400 k

Artus FULL + 600c for 1 Artus 0xp

Max 19 times- till I get more cash


600 Veronica for 600 clintz each or crs.

PM with offers.

thursday 13/10/2016

I have now :

25 laetitia 0xp 2k/each
15 ahkab 0xp 21500/each

Lyse teria cr + 1 million smiley

Estimations of your cards and aegis ?

I add 1 el divino oxp for my offer

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Up smiley prices are negociable

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