monday 08/08/2016

The price of Beltran Cr in the market is 330k
I'm not willing to lose Clintz sorry

if you want I'll leave in 300k
but unless I can not

sunday 07/08/2016

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

Lemme know the lowest price you can do if youre interested in a quick sale

saturday 06/08/2016

Swidz Cr has already been traded. smiley

Please write the price that you want to sell for

Up. still looking for antoinettes

friday 05/08/2016

Looking to buy/trade for Vickie Cr, PM me and maybe we can make a dealsmiley

Kinda self explanatory with the title. I'm looking to trade my General Cr 0 exp for a General Cr full with a compliment. Let me know if anyone is interested since I'd like cards that I can use and right now I'm not willing to throw experience on him if someone wants him more as a 0exp card.
Sidenote: If someone has a Guru Cr they want to trade for him with some clintz or cards to even up the deal you can message me on that as well I guess. I'd rather have a Guru instead of a General, but I doubt ill have any takers.

2 xu52 0xp + 40k


- I don't have Tsubame Tormentah Enzo Toro Wardom
- I don't look for Ginnifer Nausicaa Karl

You interested in Copper Cr?

Looking for Dragomir I can give you upto 500 clintz

I'm looking for Dragomir
I've Karrion/El divino

Repost. uchtul for glover and bryan i add 5k fix.

i got raven just now smiley) thanks.

thursday 04/08/2016

I sell or trade 370 Crowen 0xp

I look for crs , or cash (7.8k each)

I am looking for any of these 3 big 5s.

Kiki Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Guru Cr

I offer

Showman Cr 0xp
Kalindra Cr full xp
Dalhia Cr full xp
Alec Cr Full xp
Rowdy Cr x2 Full xp
Mona Cr x3 Full xp

Gum x94 some full xp some 0xp
Walkie 100x some full some 0xp
Raoul 100x some full some 0xp
Khann 45x some full some 0xp
Suki 80x some full some 0xp
El Jaguar 60x some full some 0xp
Dr Elisa x20 some full some 0xp
Maio x40 all 0xp

if you are interested and would like to make the trade let me know.
I can also add 1mil in cards which i will pm you.


wednesday 03/08/2016

Pm me if you want to trade.

tuesday 02/08/2016

Now offering 1300 ea 0xp zapatino!

All 0xp
Dregn (71k) C Dusk (60k) Rahi Sledon (31k) C Beast (19,5k) C Wing (19,5k) Oflgn (15k) Saki (46k) Matriochka (18k)
Total 280k
Ymirah 275k

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