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sunday 23/10/2016

No for Gaia Zi0n-Dzeiri , anything else??

saturday 22/10/2016

ELya Cr gone.

That I found my offer?

Alrighty then smiley
How about 10k each? 1150 Gaia for 10k each.
Anyone? Someone?..

Se débarrasser de :
5 Ymirah 0XP 320k
1 Caelus Cr 0XP 305k
1 Slyth Cr 0XP 295k
1 Rex Sweig 0XP 165k
1 Shakra 0XP 95k
5 C Crépuscule 0XP 25k
2 Dregn 0XP 90k

Je recherche
Combinaison des deux.
Je considérer toute offre avec crs / cartes sur 50k
Je vais valeur par le prix du marché à moins que nous négocions un prix.

Pour FASTEST réponse s'il vous plaît me pm Merci

Close this thread plz thanks

friday 21/10/2016

5 el mariachi 0 xp + 5k v robb cr ?

Auction is officially closed!

Still looking for the right offer. smiley

Hello I trade Tanaereva Cr 0xp x5 at 480k ea
Also have a Jackie Cr full at 420k

- Cr
- Cash
- Ymirah 0xp 305k .
( If you have offer with any of these please pm me I am reasonable )
Any other card shall be valued at market value unless we reach a price
Please pm me for fastest response possible
Thank you & good trades smiley

Card is in ps. Thank you

I want to trade my Lyse Teria 0xp valued in 10,5M for this:

Cortez 0xp - 80k(max.50)
Dregn 0xp - 85k (max.50)
Wheeler 0xp - 850 (max.350)
Manfred 0xp - 4k (max.218 )
Shakra 0xp - 95k (max.30)
Ymirah 0xp - 310k (unlimited)
Boohma 0xp - 400 (max.200)
Uranus 0xp - 50k (max.40)

thursday 20/10/2016

I trade my dj korr cr full for a guru cr

Kiki Cr + Shakra Ratanah Leliana Lulabee Hikiyousan dady jones Wooly Wee Lee Rb tanaerva cr Wee Lee all the card are full djkorr cr

Your welcome.

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