saturday 26/03/2016

My offer for kiki:

marlysa - 1,8M
armanda - 1,7M
4,6M cash

total - 8,1M

Now that you mention it...

I will buy all your unwanted for 200smiley please send it makes my daysmiley and it will make your day knowingmyou made some one happysmiley oh send me msgs if you want a little more i acept ever thing even 100 of the same cardsmiley tysm you guys are epicsmiley

Hello everyone,
I am selling 5 Caelus Cr 0xp (300/one)

I want :
1) Kerozinn Cr 925k
2) Greesh 5k
3) Walkie 7.5k
4) Plunk 15k
5) Hawkins 28k
6) Arno 30k
7) Melvin 32k
smiley Ratanah 35k
9) Gil 37k
10) Dorian 38k
11) Uranus 42k
12) Wee Lee 42k
13) Bogdan 40k
14) Charlie 60k
15) Shakra 62k
16) Striker 75k
17) Ongh 80k
1smiley Yayoi Cr 85k
I only need one copy of each card
PM me

I sell you lyse with 7.5 mil smiley

Good luck my friend smiley

Hello everybody, i'd like to reach 9M cash for Guru Cr here is a list of card ... the prices we can talk about smiley thank u very much
Marco Cr 0xp 97K
Kalindra Cr 0xp 3x325K
Ruru 0xp 9x37,8K
Striker Rb 0xp 3x70K
Shann Cr 0xp 5x84K
Zoe 0xp 9x20,8K
Mechakolos 0xp 8x40K
Kinichaw Cr 0xp 7x88,5K
Bryan Rb 0xp 4x107,5K
Rowdy Cr 0xp 2x92K
Byron 0xp 10x26,8K
Mona Cr 0xp 2x230K
Kenny Cr 0xp 150K
Dj Korps 0xp 10x33K
Dalhia Cr 0xp 250K
Dr Copernica Cr 0xp 13x92
Copper Cr 0xp 120K
Chiara Cr 0xp 4x72,5K
Jackie Cr 0xp 325K
Dagg Cr 0xp 4x85K
Shaakarti Cr 2x70K

I offer 335000.
I only ask for one copy, PM me.

friday 25/03/2016

The title explains it all, anyone interested in selling Bengal for 23k pm me.

Sell my Impera Sloane 0xp 120k smiley thx for u time

Sorry, I forgot to say, PM me!

thursday 24/03/2016

Willing to sell my Sigmund for 790k. Also, open to trading for Cr's and cards. If you offer lots, please no overly large lot (ex. 70+ lot)

PM me offers

Sorry, offers are not available anymore

All cards for 200 i buy them right away smiley

Sure why not sell them to me in privet sale

Sell xC

My max is now 86, thanks to some selling. Sned them now, I haven't gotten any yet.

Hello, i'm looking for nellie 0xp (8000t)

I have :

220 carrie 0xp : 1450/t
22 tengu 0xp : 5800/t
Playable Cr full


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