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wednesday 12/10/2016

Hello. I trade mine 4500 artus 0xp !!
Im looking for cash . Rares and crs. Pm me smileysmiley

We can always negotiate about the price I sent you pm

tuesday 11/10/2016

Need 3 More Dounia Cr 0 xp plz

Offering 5k Ctz
Any XP

As the title says yaman rb for 320k and fast please because i need the money right now

Wait i change my mind. My jackie cr for mona cr edd cr and dr elisa.

Also, 9 Hemdall 0xp to Ymirah 0xp

Im looking for Kalindra Cr or Raam or any expensive cards. I am Trading/selling the following cards:
ruru 0XP (34k)
robb cr FULL (190k)
el mariachi 0XP (35k)
Impera Sloane FULL (115k)
Rattle 0XP (45k)
Rockwall 0XP (15k)
Pericles 0XP (80k)
Total: 554k
pm me for questions

monday 10/10/2016

Lowering price to 3.9k each!!!

I'll play 125k clintz max, but can be negotiable

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You can close it urself. At right top.


I'm looking to exchange general Cr + compliment for either Lyse teria cr or Kiki cr


My mechakolos cr-140k

Trade for dr coppernica cr + clintz

Well, I'm open to offers smiley

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