saturday 12/03/2016

For the moment Blind auctions are not allowed as they could easily be used to try and scam people (not saying people are doing this but some people could).

We are currently discussing them but whilst we do please don't post them on the public boards.

friday 11/03/2016

Hello everyone !

Looking for some taylors !

I'll buy them all at 10 000 clintz !

In my ps directly thanks everyone

Still looking for moresmiley

J'ai 291 Jose Star 0xp, j'apprécie son à 2000 un morceau. Aussi 410 0xp Muller, j'apprécie lui à 800 un morceau

merci! smiley

400/t in my private sell smiley

thursday 10/03/2016

Hey guys, I'm looking for a Diyo Cr. I only want full xp. I'll pay 130k for it but I also have cards/lots for trade if you want. You can either put the card directly in my PS or PM me to negotiate. Thanks!

950 derby queen mixed xp: 475/ea
100 Dave mixed xp: 1400/ea

Sorry didn't new to this buying and selling form. smiley

J'échange Vryer:
79 0xp 1.8k/t (142k)
9 (niveau 2) 1.7k/t (15.3k)
185 full xp 1.6k/t (296k)

Je recherche:
1) Cash
2) Vladimir full 3.2k/t
3) Vladimir 0xp 3.4k/t
4) autres



I'm looking to sell a lot of vryer. You can buy the whole lot, buy a few, or just buy one smiley

79 0xp Vryer for 1.8k/each (total for 142k)
9 level 2 for 1.7k/each (total for 15.3k)
185 full xp for 1.6k/each (total for 296k)

Looking for:
Other cards or lots or cash, just propose an offer.

You can post an offer here or PM me, thanks smiley

wednesday 09/03/2016

I'm not sure lol it must have been yesterday, I'm gonna sell it now lol

Fine lol I have them as actions buy them and Ill give you 26k for a card

tuesday 08/03/2016

No and its allready sold smiley

Kreen Cr 0xp for 130k clintz only
thanks smiley

Hello, I buy :

Sigma Cr full : 35.000/u
Sigma Cr 0xp : 42.000/u
Shann cr 0xp : 72.000/u
Shaakarti cr 0xp : 62.000/u

In vp, I have some Cr for trading too smiley

0 xp or full xp dj korr = guru

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