tuesday 12/07/2016

I buy chloe 0xp for 13k/e (max 100!)

or i change my chloe full + 5k for u re chloe 0xp! (poss. 30)


I am looking for Tsubame will pay 58000 clintz.


75 octana 0xp = 1 650 000
60 pr hartnell 0xp = 282 000
100 boomstock 0xp = 470 000

Send me message smiley

I'll take you up on that

monday 11/07/2016

Je offre 7.6 mil + 12 impera sloan 0xp pour General Cr

Send it both 0xp. Thanks alot.

I have 108 copies of Dorian 0xp, which I sell for 32.000 clintz per card

Message me for faster response.

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Donc comme le titre dis, j'achète des wanda 0xp pour 5k/t
dans mes vp svp

Ill trade for tanaereva

Trade is complete. Thank you Julian smiley

sunday 10/07/2016

Are you interested in other cr lots?

I'm selling for 600k. Can go a little lower.

Hello guys smiley

I'm buying Chiro 0xp for 5k. You can put them directly in my VPs.

Thanks smiley

Option 1
10 Mona Cr 0xp 2mil
10 Jackie Cr 0xp 3.8 mil
5 kinichaw 0 xp 475k
4 Caelus Cr 0xp 1.28 mil
15 Rex Sweig 0xp 1.8 mil

Option 2 :
Shawoman Cr 0xp 1880k
Splata Cr 0 xp 1480k
10 Mona Cr 0xp 2000k
4 Caelus Cr 1280k
15 Rex Sweig 1800k
800k cash

Option 3 :
100 heegrn cr 0xp 2.4mil
8 jackie cr 0xp 3.04 mil
splata cr 0xp 1.48 mil
5 kinichaw 0xp 475k
10 mona cr 0 xp 2mil

Bonjour a tous
Je offre pour Kiki cr :
4 caelus cr 0xp 300k/t
2 chiara cr 0xp 68k/t
10 mona cr 0xp 200k/t
splata cr 0 xp 1475k
5 kinichaw 0xp 100k/t
8 jackie cr 0xp 400k/t
900k cash
total 9.411.000

Hello everyone I am selling my Kinichaw Cr 0xp (99K) and Beltran Cr Full (420k)
Thank For read this pots smiley

saturday 09/07/2016

Bonjour à tous

J'échange 1 Kinichaw Cr Lvl 2 (100k) et 1 Selsya Cr Lvl 1 (580k)

Je recherche:
- Ymirah
- Kalindra Cr
- Cortez
- La Bestia
- Vortex (Crs)
- Nightmare (Crs)
- Roots et All Stars (20k+)

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