saturday 09/07/2016

I also accept DJ Korps and Nightmares ( Any Cr)

Bonjour, je recherche en 0xp:

Sarah - 7,500 (Max 30)
Dixie - 10,000 (Max 45)
Antoinette - 20,000 (Max 22)
Mim - 18,500 (Max 20)
Moai - 9,000 (Max 50)
Dyan - 550 (Max 80)

vp. mercismiley

Ops sorry i don't have read the title xD

sorry and good luck

I found it, I do not look for it any more.

friday 08/07/2016

How about 5100

Close the topic if Ambrose Cr is sold smiley

Sorry. I close and remakesmiley

Hi Buddies, smiley

Selling 2 Ombre cr 0 xp For 545k each one smiley

Have a nice day smiley

Splata 0xp
kerozin full xp
10 Rex Sweig 0xp
4 jackie 0xp
2.2 mil cash
total 7.8 mil


i sell

161 elmer 0xp 2k each

lot is divisible


I will buy 6x Noctezuma Cr for 140 000 each. I can buy all at once or one, no difference. PM me if u are interested

590000 or offers

On a warm and particularly dark night, you are walking down the streets of Clint City. Although it is not always the best idea to do this, you are in a good part of town, and the sight of the Rescue and Sentinel in the shops and streets comfort you. But you just have this feeling that something It is is all in my head. Even monsters have to sleep. But you just can't shake the feeling like something is watching you. A tingling sensation spreads throughout your body. You get the feeling to run! Your stomach is dropping....What is goi- Suddenly, you are snatched out of the street by something and you yell. Luckily, Sequoyah heard you and she is rushing over to help. The thing puts its hand around your mouth. Its finger are as cold as Tiwi, and very bony. This seemingly frail being quickly has you on the ground and holds you down with surprising strength. Fear permeates every part of your body and your inner scream Rattle s your organs. Thankfully, Sequoyah is now only a few feet from you, and she..Stops?!! Hear face becomes white and you see her eyes glaze over. Her mouth gaping, she startles you with a deathly shriek that bloodies your ears. Havoc shines his flashlight over to the scene, and you see it. The sight of it hits you like a bullet, crumpling up your insides..And it is smiling. The most devastatingly evil smile that can send someone to insanity. Ambrose Cr has returned. And you are his next victim (unless you buy him from me for 800k clintz).

thursday 07/07/2016

I am looking for Leviatonn will trade Sabia and Trish

1 Graksmxxt 0xp for 3 Bloodh??

Good day,

i'm looking to trade my Selsya Cr 0xp
for Reine Cr 0xp

Thank you

Selling Melissa Cr for 650k. Any offers appreciated.

25 Jasmine 0xp - 5k/t


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