monday 27/06/2016

sunday 26/06/2016

My Impera Sloane 0xp for your Rex Sweig 0xp
Pm me!

- 107 Aaron (106 0exp): 1.1M
- 15 XU52 0exp: 525k
- 26 Wonder Lana (25 0exp): 125k

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Ok ps me.

Looking to buy your 0 Xp Jautya

I can buy it for cash at 8.5k/t or offer the following cards
Kawamashi Cr 0 xp for 2x Jautya 0 xp
Slyde Cr 0 xp for 2x Jautya 0 xp

PM me in case of exchange or leave cards straight to PS if interested!! Thanks

Elya cr gone

i have copper cr 0xp + 8k vs 4 tomentah 0xp ( 10 times )

I can also offer 55x Zatman Cr 0xp + 2.5M clintz

saturday 25/06/2016

Je vends:
- 107 Aaron (106 0exp): 1.1M
- 102 Pr Hartnell (97 0exp): 500k
- 183 Boomstock (176 0exp): 810k
- 15 XU52 0exp: 525k
- 26 Wonder Lana (25 0exp): 125k

Contactez-moi par PM, merci.

Sorry forgotsmiley

In there now

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I sell Alec Cr 0 exp for 580 000

Each Mina sell at 4782 clintz.
Total units available = 31 units.

Pm for faster respond. smiley


je vends tout 0xp -

aktara - 1.8k
fabio 0xp - 8.7k
william - 475 ctz
3 x gemmz - 1150/T
pierce - 475 ctz

cr - emeth cr full xp - 123.333 clintz

VP smiley

Spudd: 820 Clintz
Mantiz: 1600 Clintz

233,000 Clintz.. i hate the 5% tax from the market hahaha. and Im poor that's why even a 500 clintz is important to me smiley PM me if you want my DALHIA.

In your private salessmiley


Globumm 0xp à 1100/t
Globumm full à 1000/t

6,000 clintz or lowest you will go....

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