friday 24/06/2016

Send me a mp if you are interested... smiley

If I had one, I'd let you borrow for free smiley

Done deal with AKP_Kaiser, thank you sir

Got it, thx to VmesmesV.


I change my chloe full by u re chloe 0xp + 5k

change possible 77



First link is incorrect! Choose this one.

thursday 23/06/2016


6 x Mona Cr 0xp - 190k/t
Jackie Cr 0xp - 340k
Blaaster Cr 0xp - 350k
2 x Sigma Cr 0xp - 65k/t
Noctezuma Cr 0xp - 170k
Zatman Cr 0xp - 115k


Looking to trade off :-

340 B16 Sestra
220 Ichiko

Pm offers smiley

Still want to trade them / sell for 4.4k/u

Not looking for anything specific just a trade i value him at 142k pm if interested

wednesday 22/06/2016

Corrections (if a mod could please edit those characters and delete this message, I would be appreciated):
Gheist: XU-B0t
Piranas: Rekved
Roots: Fudge
Skeelz: Beck - Nena
Uppers: Sir Barks

Lamar Cr average 1.6M
Kalindra - 350k

Kalindra Cr + 1.25M = Lamar Cr 0xp

7.250.000 i offer.
pm me

tuesday 21/06/2016

Selling; Caellus cr 0 xp 300k each

pm me

I've got:
- DJ Korr Cr full (10,8M)
- DJ Korr Cr full (10,8M)

I'm looking for LOTS 0xp:

- Rex Sweig (120k)
- Imperia Sloane (115k)
- Rattle (55k)
- Drakorah (50k)
- Zaria (50k)

I want to complete this quest before I buy any more cards but I'm still roughly 200000 away I am willing to offer a Kolos as collateral that I would return your money after the quest is completed I could give more cards as collateral if you really want but I would prefer to make it simple and just give you my most valuable card

Just PM if interested

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