tuesday 21/06/2016

Hello I look for Sigmund cr 0 or full xp
I offer 970.000 cash.
if you are interested send me card in my pvt

New Price, 915k each!


zatman cr 0xp vs shann cr 0xp (43 copies)

rex sweig 0xp vs shann cr 0xp ( 50 copies)

mona cr 0xp + 2 jimmy 0xp vs 2 shann cr 0xp (54 copies)


monday 20/06/2016

Looking to sell him for 2 000 000 since he is maxed and no one else is selling a maxed ambrose

Just looking for a Sarah to finish off the Fhtagn Ld missions. I value her at 10k, since her market price seems to revolve around that. I would also be willing to sell her back at a slight loss since I only need her for a little while. Any xp is fine. Feel free to pm me with offers.

Vickie Cr for 900 000

Vickie Cr 900 000

sunday 19/06/2016

U should accept URBAN RIVALS Cookies


Here's the version with ordered date, always nice to make some profit here.

Just don't outbid me ok?

40 tomoe 0 xp if you want smiley

Wanted Ymirah 0 xp (319k),
I accept more than one copy

my letters:
- Dr Copernica Cr (104k)
- Zatman Cr (110k)
- Slyde Cr (18k)
- Shaakarty Cr (80k)
- Noctezuma Cr (175k)
- Marco Cr (107k)
- Lost Hog Cr (22k)
- Terry Cr (15k)
- Smokey Cr (375k)
- Shann Cr (82k)
- Rhed Cr (80k)
- Noodile Cr (38k)
- Kreen Cr (243k)
- Kinichaw Cr (83k)
- Kenny Cr (175k)
- Jacky Cr (350k)
- Jane Ramba Cr (148k)
- Emeth Cr (172k)
- Dalhia Cr (255k)
- Copper Cr (134k)
- Caelus Cr (275k)
- Blaaster Cr (389k)
- Dixie x 2 (14.5k)
- Antoinette x 4 (24k)
- Fairbanks x 4 (55k)
- Miss Xingshu x 3 (20k)
- C Dusk x 2 (42k)
- Joy x 1 (43.5k)
- Drak x 1 (30k)
- Devil Dog x 3 (7.5k)
- Byron x 1 (47k)
- Lennard x 4 (21k)
- Grouchy x 1 (12k)
- Pr Balthazar x 2 (36k)
- Mim x 2 (35.5k)
- Dragomir x 1 (50k)
- Djengo x 3 (25k)
- LaFleur x 3 (16k)
- Sarah x 1 (10k)
- El Mariachi x 3 (25.5k)

All 0xp

I tade my guru0xp for korr + 200k

If you're interested pm me .

saturday 18/06/2016


-> go to auctions

Kawan sai san na boh sold smiley

25 Zatman Cr 0xp 120k/each
Elya Cr ull 1M520k

50 Sandy 0xp 650/each
16 Nobrodroid 0xp 27k/each

friday 17/06/2016

Would also trade for Mona Cr + Moai x12

I offer 60 rexsweig 0xp (6.480.000) +2.2 mil cash for general

I can send John and Azel for Graks ok?

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