friday 29/01/2016

PM me for offers. Notable cards: Seldnor CR and Baby Q RB. Still open for any offers.

4 lyse teria cr 0 xp
1 kiki cr 0 xp
2'5M cash

good luck

Selma + dr alma + noland for gaia + shayna

I freaking love bryan, being a great card to use in elo and tourney. And I really want the new rb, so here we are. I have the following to trade:
25 jason 0 xp (3.3k each)
shaakarti cr 0xp (55k)

Message me for the fastest responses.

thursday 28/01/2016

I really want bryan rb, I'll trade 22 jason for one.

Got him now thanks

Kerozinn Cr full (930k)
Blaaster Cr 0xp (235k)

Ou Kero/Blaaster contre Arantxa's 0xp (4k /t)

Hello I'd like to buy Marco Cr, no matter wich exp, for 70k clintz.


wednesday 27/01/2016

Arantxa 0xp 3.500 /e
Or trade my Kerozinn Cr full (940k) + Blaaster Cr full (240k) for X Arantxa's 0xp

Thanks smiley


Dj Korr Cr 9m
Lyse Teria Cr 5.8m


Marlysa Cr 1.4m
Draheera 9.5k/t (max. 100)


Sorry guys, sold already
All offers were very good and we were spoilt for choices smiley

Hello everybody, i buy 1 mona full or 0exp is not important for 230k cash in private sales

Thanks a lot smiley

tuesday 26/01/2016

Possible ..
We can seal that dealsmiley

Hello I buy your sequoyah 0exp for 825/u

monday 25/01/2016

Looking for last 5 smiley

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