saturday 28/05/2016

Kiki cr for 9kk clintz

I want to buy cars which is P from the market price if u want add me and send me offer ty smiley

I'm hoping to buy two kiki cr for 16,000,000 clintz and a manon cr

friday 27/05/2016

21 TrinmkkT 0xp
21 Na Boh 0xp
25 Beetenka 0xp
6 Lumber Jack 0xp
1 Jay 0xp
2 Oxen
50 Frankie Hi 0xp
50 Sai San 0xp
24 moses 0xp

what is youre price ?

Sounds good Vickie is in your ps.

Selling a Selsya Cr for 590,000. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks

Still valid smiley

My Ndololo Cr, Manon Cr, and 4.9 mil clintz for Kiki Cr

My dj korr cr for your kiki ci plus 1 mil compliment

thursday 26/05/2016


50 Kamekun 0xp (4.5k/T)
50 Kephren 0xp (4.5k/T)
20 Carmen 0xp (6k/T)
30 Graven 0xp (12k/T)
30 Mahimatah 0xp (6k/T)
5 Vermaire 0xp (28k/T)
5 Clive 0xp (30k/t)

0xp Hachi - 2.1k/T
0xp Cindy - 4.1k/T

Last dixie selling for 40k in market. Next is 90k.

wednesday 25/05/2016

You can't buy/sell Ld's.. You only can obtain them with missions or through Arcade mode.. smiley

Actually you can close yourself. smiley

Any offers lower than market?

tuesday 24/05/2016

Actually you can close yourself. smiley

Last 80k beck nena for sale in market. Next is 200k

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