saturday 09/01/2016

Also looking for 0xp cards again would only like one copy of each character thanks.

1 splata cr sold

friday 08/01/2016

Looking for 0xp cards no duplicate cards I'm not goingtolist exactly what I want just send a message with characters you wish to sell me no duplicates please

Pm me or leave message here

All Gheist gone except koshiro

Somehow, I always attract trolls smiley Fine, 3 can play at that game.

@Puma. Sell me General Cr for 50 clintz and you've got a deal

@Ductor?? Dwerg. How many Lyse teria are in that lot? smiley

Pm me or message on here

Le lot est 50 roger 0xp
fin: 9/1 22:00
je cherche:
nahema 0xp/full 5k/4750
peu cartes

J'achete :
Deborah 0xp pour 1500/t (max 100)
Granny May 0xp pour 1250/t (max 100)

My search is finished smiley

thursday 07/01/2016

No longer need:

Jackie CR
Kenny CR

41 Daddy jones left
2 Yayoi CR left

Full xp for 330k

Sorry completely confused Steve and Doctor Norton cr

A link to the cards you want to auction is not permitted and your cards are already up for auction, you don't need another thread smiley

wednesday 06/01/2016

Hi everyone
i trade my 400 earl 0xp for 25k each one
i'm looking for cash and cr ( max 1 copy)
for example jackie cr 240k kalindra cr 220k

Bublgmm x 50 500 clintz each card
Cristalys x 50 2.5k each card
Abey x 50 1.2k each card

Not actual anymore thanks for the interest. smiley

Hello I want multiples of Yookie , I have cards and clintz for trade
I will take any xp , I value each Yookie at 3.2k

Pm me if you want to trade or sell

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