tuesday 09/04

2 things:
1) I did not update the prices for Atkinson, it was an update for people to know what is left for sale/trade, because savage gang was wondering what cards are left.
2) This person complaining did not give me the time of day to explain what I meant by better offer, maybe it could be for me to add in Statam in a deal with Atkinson and all of the other cards that are up for sale since he had not been asked about these past few days. I didn't get any offers for Rage and Pr Cushing either until I sent the offer to someone else. I tried sending the offer to another person, but they didn't reply back. Maybe, if this person was not hung up on the fact that I'm selling it for 1.2 million when I gave everyone 4 options to choose from, because the first sale I did kind of like this one worked so well, that they wouldn't complain about the offers I have gotten.
The 4 options were:
Minimum price, the lowest I'll sell it
Maximum Price, the highest I'll sell it
Any price within the price range Example: Statam from 210000 to 250000 (unless price drops) so 220000 is good, 230000 is good, 240000 is good
and trade offers (this was included into this one, it was not in the other sale)
I don't know what the people wanted, so I gave everyone options, you could either buy it at minimum price, which most people do, some buy it at maximum price, there is a rare case of people who buy it within the price range and a ton of trade offers. It's your choice to make, then I can accept it.

Sent an offer smiley

monday 08/04

Hey there.

I'm looking for 23 Diego Cr to exchange for my Nahi Cr 0XP, or 22 Diego Cr 0XP for my Nahi Cr 0XP

PM to negotiate.


Exchange my these cards :
1 Lamar Cr 0 xp
1 Tanaereva Cr 0 xp
1 Atkinson 0 xp
1 Marshal Cr 0 xp
1 Cassio Cr 0 xp
1 Marco Cr 0 xp
1 Dagg Cr 0 xp
1 Terry Cr 0 xp
1 Nero 0 xp
1 Romana 0 xp
2 M cash
for Kiki Cr full xp

I’ll send 2 over

sunday 07/04

I accept both offers

Thank you!


[Buy] Any Scarlett MT

Note: This player has a thread where they are looking for Scarlett Mt. Do look up if you are interested.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr sunday 07/04, 18:12

Hi guys, I'm trading my Lyse Teria (Full Xp)
Current market price is @19m

Looking for
+B Mappe CR (Any xp)
Current market price @9m
+Clintz or card equivalent to @10m

Thank you and happy gaming!

saturday 06/04

Hi! I'm looking for Atkinson and Saitamurai any xp.

I have cards for trade.

PM me if you're interested.

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