thursday 19/09

Upsmiley if u have them, send all in my private sale i will buy them quickly

wednesday 18/09

New Offer : 7.8m Clintz smiley

Crook Offer removed.

Note: Hyperlinked for traders to compare the card with the proposed price.

I got charlie cr, you interested?

Any suggestions are welcome, feel free to dm me! smiley

tuesday 17/09

I'm offering you Such a cutie Kalindra full xp + 50 000 Clintz ( ! ) wow for Kalindra 0 xp (whaaaat man you are crazy)

I've just dropped Kalindra from crypto, I'm such a lucker... 50k for free smiley))))

Pm me or write in comments smiley

I haven t 3 serafina sorrysmiley

This was sold, please lock

monday 16/09

Pleakxxt 15k
Troompah 80k
Edd Cr 150k
Dr Copernica Cr 160k
Jane Ramba Cr 160k
Kerry Cr 160k
Rowdy Cr 180k
Drakorah Cr 200k
Kolos Cr 300k
#Robb Cr 320k
Gil Cr 330k
Ongh Cr 400k
Marshal Cr 400k
Pr Cushing Cr 450k

sunday 15/09

Looking for a Tanaereva Cr smiley

Update now i add:

- 21 La Bestia 0xp for 70k each (gives the total 1,470 M)
- 8 Sentenza 0xp for 285k each (total of 2,280M) NEW
- 21 Dr Six 0xp for 125k each (total of 2,625M) NEW

I'm trading
Geuner Cr (full xp - 560k)
Grudj Cr (full xp - 110k)
Mona Cr (full xp - 780k)
Pr Cushing Cr (full xp - 540k)
Chad Bread Cr (full xp - 260k)
Eddie Cr (full xp - 101k)
Shaakarti Cr (full xp - 160k)
#Robb Cr (0xp 350k)

Searching for
#Spyke (650k)
Ratanah Mt (850k) any xp
PM me for faster answer

saturday 14/09

I pick up two Aldebaran Cr 0xp from the sale

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