tuesday 19/04/2016

Salut a tous.

Je suis a la recherche des dj korr cr peu import le xp

Voice les Offers :

Offer 1 :
500 Mahimatah 0xp 6k/T = 3M
500 Mandrak 0xp 5k/T = 2,5M
500 Eebiza 0xp 4,5k/T = 2,250M
20 Bogdan full xp 45k/T = 900k
Manon Cr 0xp 1,2M
Total : 10M

Offer 2:
500 Stella full xp 10k/T = 5M
8 Alec Cr 0xp 400k/T = 3,6M
20Wee Lee full xp 55k/T = 1,1M
Total : 10M

Merci a vous

I will trade my logan full xp+1k clintz for your logan 0xp. I only have one, so hurry.

Send to my PS for 54k each ?

Selling 50 Haaken 0 xp for 9500 each.

Looking for Cash, Lou 0 xp, Diana 0 xp, Clover 0 xp primarily.

PM me with any decent offers!!

I buy estalt 0xp 3800/e

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I will repost this i got it scrambled like eggs smiley

11 Tomoe 0 xp or 5 Heegrn Cr 0 xp vs Rowdy Cr ?

I will give discount

I want 6 more smiley

Pr Cushing 0xp +3k for Cortez 0xp

monday 18/04/2016

Done, please close

No more needed ! smiley

Hi veverybody,,

Dylan 1800/t x 166 = 300k
Blaaster Cr 300k


Wrong language, topic closed smiley

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I buy Estalt 0xp 4500/u


Pm for bulk


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