saturday 07/11/2015

Still searching

No longer have the bristone smiley

I want to buy Noctezuma 0xp for 60000 each.
Pls put in my PS. Thanks smiley

I have 50 Lowki 0xp that I would like to sell for 18500 each.
Pls PM me if you are interested.
TOTAL AMOUNT = 925k clintz


8.500.000 cash for all

friday 06/11/2015

How much for 50 cortez 0xp?


je te propose 500/T pour tout vos unagi 0xp smiley
si tu as beacoup unagi mp moi


Thanks, but no thanks smiley

Offer is no longer actual

Looking to get rid of :-

375 - B16 Sestra
267 - Ichigo
30 - Raskal

Yayoi Cr 0xP
Sakura Cr 0xP
Lin Bee Cr 0xP

Not looking for anything specific so happy for people to PM me offers smiley smiley

thursday 05/11/2015

I wanna buy a copy of leliana for 350k put in ps ty

10 more plz. Thanks to Kudasa.

Berserkgirl cr gone. smiley

I think its the 91,000 card made/brought into game, so like 91,001 could be someone like copper who was brought into game from like a pack lol

wednesday 04/11/2015

I pay 7k/one, actually I'm interested in offers up to 500 Sukaretos.

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