friday 30/10/2015

I have 8 more full xp Koshiro available for 15k as well if anybody's interested

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Bump ( now willing to consider all offers proposed )

I want to trade my 5 lacasse for a leela

thursday 29/10/2015

5 lamar cr 0xp
1 scarlett cr 0xp
1 ombre cr full xp
700k clintz for kiki cr?

wednesday 28/10/2015

Zaria / Rattle 31K/T 0 xp smiley.

1x Kiki Cr full exp -> 7.7m
1x Sum Sam Cr full exp -> 1m285k
1x Kerozinn cr 0exp -> 825k
2x Elya Cr (1 0exp) -> 800k/each
150x Daddy Jones 0exp -> 16.5k/each
10x Coby 0exp -> 27k/each
15x Shakra 0exp -> 48k/each

I guess we can close this smiley

tuesday 27/10/2015

smileyI already have this card at full xp. I am looking to sell him for 74,545 clintz but am open to offers. If interested please post your offer or pm me.

Not needed anymore. I got what I needed smiley

monday 26/10/2015

New price 37k/t

You have to give incentive for players to even consider. I highly doubt someone will do it for 205k...

Collectors are sustainable price.

Estimation of :

Ndololo cr full
Manon cr full
sigmund cr full
reine cr 0xp
thaumaturge cr full
dwain cr 0xp
vickie cr full
tanaereva cr full
90 chel 0p


sunday 25/10/2015

If u guys have tuck & jenna for sales , please pm me smiley

I like to buy Tuck : 5500
I like to buy Jenna : 6000

If u guys have that price pm me smiley

Hello , The Price For Warden Is 800 Clintz Only

Abilitysmileyower Opp

Just Pm Me smiley

Ehh ill pass arno 0xp worth more than 20k too me smiley

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