thursday 22/10/2015

4 vickie cr availables smiley

300 clintz

New Price : 15.2k each

Apparently, it seems DarkBlood did not want the Rey Mono anymore :/
So, I have 182 0xp Rey Mono that I can sell for 800 clintz each. Looking for cash ONLY.
PM me if you're interested


wednesday 21/10/2015

- Weifang x8
- Giacomo x1
- Seam East x1

Hi i'm looking for 15 cortez 0xp 50k/ea

I have to trade:

- 6 Zatman 0xp 45K/T
- 1000 Geo 0xp 500K (indissociable)
- 9 Page Cr full 80K/T
- Selsya Cr 0xp 420K
- Melissa Cr 0xp 440K
- Elya Cr 0xp 840K

Looking for propositions thanks smiley

No more mechakolos thanks...
Continue buying kolos 0xpsmiley

Do you even English?

My whole collection for a good runescape account

tuesday 20/10/2015

Are you interested in:
Derby Queen

I have a ton of each of those but you can also mix and match if you're interested in more than one

You being very generous with your cards' prices. How about a Blaaster cr for all.

monday 19/10/2015

Only for you bro smiley



I want to trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp 5.65M for the following Cr:

Marlysa Cr 1.4M
Splata Cr 1.0M
Elya Cr 0.8M
Tessa Cr 0.9M

Tanaereva Cr 420k
Selsya Cr 380k
Nahi Cr 290k
Alec Cr 260k
Kreen Cr 95k
Dr Copernica Cr 55k
Kinichaw Cr 50k

Serious offer pls per PM, thanks smiley

I have a Page CR at 0exp estimated at 91k

Looking for Cash Or Against Playable ELO that are worth each between 5k and 10k

Next time, when your cards are sold, please close your thread smiley

sunday 18/10/2015

Bump 2400 cash , 2500 trade pm me

Search Map the 25k are k worth valued at 90 244 243 and together Clintz

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