tuesday 05/04/2016

Buying skrumxxt 0 xp , 7k/each. Straight to my ps. Thank you

4 Ratanah Rb for ur Geuner Cr, just PM me if interested. smiley

Hello, I buy :

Nellie 0xp : 10.000/u cash (max 50)
Nellie 0xp : 11.000/u vs playable Cr


Remember for future reference: You can close yourself smiley

monday 04/04/2016

Close it,i found Dounia *-*

I want to trade 80 rex sweig (9.200.000) for 1korr or 1guru
i value them now at 115k.... if interested post here or private message . Have a nice day !! smileysmiley

Seeing as im getting stupid offers smiley im closing

Hello , i'm looking for some cards , in 20ex of each one , here are the price that i'm ready to put for my purchases :
Tunned 0xp : 600
Meroo 0xp : 750
Nobrocybix 0xp : 800
Mitch 0xp : 710
Mort Bax 0xp : 820
Aldo 0xp : 690
Lino Borsa 0xp : 680
Gwen 0xp : 700
Dolores Boss 0xp : 1100
Ataoualpet 0xp : 850
Narendra 0xp : 650
Sunnygoat 0xp : 620
Oryon 0xp : 650
Venus 0xp : 850
Pulsar 0xp : 550
Halley 0xp : 650
Caciope 0xp : 560
Tafa 0xp : 650
Mac Hen 0xp : 560

To access to my search i have a little bit of cash available , a pack of 365 Sayura 0xp ( 360/u) and a few cr's develloped under this line :
1 Sylth Cr full : 125K
1 Chiara Cr 0xp : 69K
1 Shann Cr full : 75k
2 Heegrn Cr : 19K/u
1 Sigma Cr full : 50K

I hope we will do good bussiness together , ONLY BY MP i don't check the forum very often , thank you !!! ( or directly in my personnal sales )


70 0xp Rekved @ 7 750/each

Searching for CRs and lots! smiley

sunday 03/04/2016

Why do i need estimation if its a straight swap i want? haha thats why i didnt state it but ill follow the rules smiley

kiki cr = 8.2m
blaaster cr = 300k
alec cr = 350k
i want guru and i value him at 8.7 mil

Deal check your PMs

I want to sell 88 zrobbie 0xp
I estimate whole lot at 1.55 M clintz
Only cash
Pm me or post here

saturday 02/04/2016

Hello, I buy :

herman 0xp : 10.000/u


Hey guys,

i offer my chad bread cr (atm. 157k) full xp
for your marco cr (atm 110k)

please pm me

Lol who is this guy that keeps making multis and begging for free cards?

friday 01/04/2016

Can remove me from blacklist for business?


I exchange 1 Geuner Cr full (valued 186k) for 2 Kinichaw Cr 0xp (valued 93k/t)

I also accept other offers

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