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tuesday 15/08/2017

If not we can also negotiate, message me


For your General 0xp i offer a General full + Amiral Py cr 0xp + Spyke cr 0xp

monday 14/08/2017

Kenny found a good home smiley


I'm buy 100 glorg 0xp 8k each

Up and i'm also looking for Lao Cr. negotiation is also an option

I have agree to a deal

sunday 13/08/2017

I'm looking for 20 Zlatar now

You can do the same, buy new blood cards while they´re cheap, keep them for few monthst, then resale. Many people doing it. That´s the only option to save for expensive CRs.

Selling Aldebaran Cr 0xp for 1.55M

Also looking for
Ymirah Cr
Blaaster Cr
Dalhia Cr
Kenny Mt
Vickie Cr

PM for faster replies smiley

saturday 12/08/2017

I will buy all at 60k each


Armanda Cr 0 xp (2,6M)
Sum sam cr 0xp (2,6M)
Vickie cr 0xp (1,2M)
Kerozinn Cr 0xp (1,15M)

all "Gold container pack" 0xpsmiley

Anyone who wanted/needed Vicki Cr both of their prices fluctuate and I never said I wouldnt add to the trade

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