saturday 17/10/2015

Grace lot GONE

I want to buy kolos but a have just 50 k clintz plz help me!

Respond if interested first come first serve!

Selling/giving away all of my cards for nearly free!

friday 16/10/2015

My Vickie full XP + saki 0xp for Vickie 0xp (2 times)

thursday 15/10/2015

I need 17 now smiley

Pilzken, Elvira, and liona gone, 36 oxana 0xp added, 1120 each

Looking for Dalhia Cr

trading 80k + Galactea 0xp + Numar Fullxp

pm if interested

wednesday 14/10/2015

Can a buy u 2 mechakolos for 75 k?

1 Vickie full xp for 0xp left.

Alternative offer:

Rass Cr for:
Jakie Cr full (225k)
+ 5 x Boris Cr 0xp (5 x 23k = 115k)
+ 410k cash

Looking for the last 4, 24k/each smiley

tuesday 13/10/2015

Ngrath: 19 at full xp, 60 at 0 XP.
2,500 per.
Willing to negotiate via PM.

For reference: there are 74 Ngrath on the market, currently - only 12 of which are lower than 2,500.

monday 12/10/2015

Hi, I value Rex Sweig 0xp at 67k per head.

I am searching for bulk of Aamir that I estimate 15k per head.

I would like to trade 40 Rex Sweig = 2.68M


Aamir 0xp: X178

Have a good evening.

3.5M cash + Jackie Cr + Marlysa Cr smiley

Depends, mp smiley

If your interested, I got a bulk of 350 Rex Sweig 0xp for 69500/t

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