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saturday 12/08/2017

Im rlly just looking for rages bro.. but if you feel like you got a good offer you can just pm
I value them at market value
So they like 95k now.
I have a lot of other high value crs and mts.

friday 11/08/2017

Serious offers, please.

thursday 10/08/2017

Heegrn Cr 0xp (For Full + 7k)
Jim Cr 0xp (For Full + 25k)
Caelus Cr 0xp (For Full + 50k)
Cassio Cr 0xp (For Full + 25k)
Robb Cr 0xp (For Full + 60k)
Sigmund Cr 0xp (For Full + 60k)

Market price right now is 1.55M, so looking to sell or trade for 1.45M

Primarily looking for

Robb Cr
Blaaster Cr
Dalhia Cr
Emeth Cr
Kenny Mt
Ymirah Cr

May be looking for others so leave an offer or PM for a faster response time smiley

Buying all 5* 0exp 1300 each

How many are 0 Exp, can you tell us please?

Are you interested in Kenny Mt or in other Cr?

I have:

Dounia Cr 0xp (340K)
Nahi Cr full (460K)

For your:

Cannibal Jo (750K)

20 copies, 15k each


For Sum Sam Cr 0xp

Vickie Cr Full (1.25 m)
25 Drakorah 0xp (56 k each) (1.4 m)
Total 2.65 m

Choose any combination

wednesday 09/08/2017

I'm looking for:

General Cr 0xp - 7,8M

I have:

Marlysa Cr x1 (full) - 1,9M
Kinichaw Cr x 16 (16 0xp) - 71k
Sylth Cr x1 (full) - 300k
Gil Cr x2 (2 full) - 135k
Rowdy Cr x3 (3 full) - 92k
Kenny Mt x2 (2 0xp) - 410k
Smokey Mt x2 (1 0xp - 1 full) - 690k
Manon Cr x1 (0xp) - 1,9M
Marco Cr x1 (0xp) - 99k
Sigma Cr x2 (1 0xp - 1 full) - 54k
Dragan Cr x1 (0xp) - 2,220M
Rass Cr x1 (0xp) - 1,7M

Je veux échanger les éléments suivants

216 anankrohm 0xp (2,2K/t)
270 dashra 0xp (6,2K/t)
300 Nistarok 0xp (3K/t)
170 T-We-1 0xp (4,7K/t)
95 Stompah 0xp (10K/t)
60 Thorpah 0xp (4K/t)
235 Taylor 0xp (4k/t)
280 Jeremy François 0xp (4,8K/t)
170 Quinn 0xp (4,5K/t)

Je recherche:

Armanda Cr (2,85M)
Sum sam cr (2,8M)
Kerozinn Cr (1,25M)
Vickie cr (1,2M)

Essentiellement tout "Gold container pack"

j'ai aussi

2 Lao 0xp (2,1M)
1 Shawoman (1,8M)

Dans le cas où vous souhaitez échanger l'un des gros 5

My Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for
your Lyse Teria Cr full + 60k

deal. already in your pm

What an odd request

Hello i'm looking for one ndololo cr and for him i offer 450 artus 0xp . If you are interested please pm me smiley.


tuesday 08/08/2017

Oh... ok...

i just wanted to help a clear newby get a boost. it was hard for me to get a good offer on my 1st Korr, so i decided to help you out...

well, offer still stands tho!

Chad Bread Cr Full xp
Mohai 0xp
Nabrissa 0xp

for Marshal Full or 0xp

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