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saturday 19/08/2017

Ok thread is closed!
seems that nobody is interested....


Sure, freedom of everything.

Bit, plz, you understand that for many players that count clintz a card with a value of 40000 sold at 140000 is a pain in the *ss. Just because some lame dude has no point in life. I mean I would understand it if they left some air behind them. Unfortunately, there's only stink)))

I am selling 100 liona 0exp 17999/each.
The bulk is inseparable smiley

Hi if you have any lots for example 10 fisty cent and you don't really want to wait for all to sell in a week or even more sell it to me ! smiley
Minor discount of course and I will take it off of your hands. I am interested in any and every card that may be interesting l I guess mainly fisty cent ethane stuff like that

Message me if you're interested everyone smileysmiley

Hi, 100 Meg 0xp 4,5K each. In private sales

friday 18/08/2017

Hey folks, I've got a vickie cr and I'm looking for a lamar cr. I value Lamar cr at 1.6million clintz. Here's my offer:

Vickie cr (1.15m)
Diyo cr 0xp (175k)
Kent x30 (4400 each - 132k)
Dr Alma x10 (8300 each - 83k)
Mokra x1 (45k)
El Divino (32k)
10k clintz
Total: 1.615m

I hope you consider this proposition fair, please PM me if you wish to discuss - thanks!

I trade Berserkergirl Cr 0xp. I`m searching 40 Uranus 0xp.
Private Sales
Thanks smiley

Hi ,

General cr full + Sum sam cr full ok for Guru 0xp

You can send one to my PS for 8K if you wish to once the next NewBloods arrive.

I'll give priority to OC members though just to give a heads up if my response is slow.

If you wish to trade, tell me which Card you want me to provide it in the comments, not my PM.

This thread will be locked once I get El Parasito.

Full exp Cannibal Jo for 850k pm me.

thursday 17/08/2017

Mods close
Someone already bought my DJ Korr CR off the market for my asking cash price. Tnx for bidding all

I primarily would like fisty cent any level but offer up I'm personally valuing this card at 540k a hugeee discounted value so let's make it happen guys smiley

Oh u want them for less
I thought for these prices you wrote
then I will cancel the cards in your ps and will pm you for some of these cards

wednesday 16/08/2017

Hi, I'd like to trade my cards which are:
Ongh Cr [100k]
Toro Cr [40k]
Lost Hog Cr [25k]
Shayna [10k]
Stompah [9k]
Aylen [7k]
June [4k]
All these cards for Marshal smiley

I sell my selsya 550k for marchall 190k pavel 24k copper 110k nexus 45k burton 10k poppy mary 40k dregn 100k and dorian 25k

Only 0exp please and i will send you the clinz your way Rivals.

I'm looking for Lyse Teria Cr, preferably 0xp.

My offer is Dragan Cr + 7,100,000 cash.

If you're interested, please contact me.

tuesday 15/08/2017

I'll buy all Dreadlash 0xp / Gus Rope 0xp (preferably in a large amount) smiley

I could also be interested in other bulks, just send me a message! smiley

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