friday 25/03/2016

The title explains it all, anyone interested in selling Bengal for 23k pm me.

Sell my Impera Sloane 0xp 120k smiley thx for u time

Sorry, I forgot to say, PM me!

thursday 24/03/2016

Willing to sell my Sigmund for 790k. Also, open to trading for Cr's and cards. If you offer lots, please no overly large lot (ex. 70+ lot)

PM me offers

Sorry, offers are not available anymore

All cards for 200 i buy them right away smiley

Sure why not sell them to me in privet sale

Sell xC

My max is now 86, thanks to some selling. Sned them now, I haven't gotten any yet.

Hello, i'm looking for nellie 0xp (8000t)

I have :

220 carrie 0xp : 1450/t
22 tengu 0xp : 5800/t
Playable Cr full


wednesday 23/03/2016

General Cr full xp 7800000

Lot 1: 206 Akendram 0 xp 20000 / each

Lot 2: 725 Granny May 0 xp 2500 / each

Lot 3: 250 Arturo 0 xp 5500 / each

Lot 4: 200 Daddy Jones 0 xp 25000 / each

Lots potentially can be broken up


Kerry 0 xp 42000 / each
Bodenpower 0 xp 25000 / each
Don 0 xp 23000 / each
Lennard 0 xp 15000 / each
Miss Xingshu 0 xp 14000 / each
Arantxa 0 xp 5000 / each
El Papa Gallo 0 xp 2000 / each
Shaker 0 xp 21000 / each
Fifty 0 xp 3000 / each
Redra 0 xp 1500 / each
Bloodh 0 xp 20000 / each
Yookie 0 xp 3000 / each
Potentially other cards, feel free to offer


tuesday 22/03/2016


I'm selling 50 Armand 0xp, 6.2k each (310k total)
Looking for cash only

drop a line in private if interested

Hello, I buy :

Estalt full 3100/t
Estalt 0xp 3900/t

vp smiley

Looking to trade my 0xp Dj Korr Cr for FULL XP Korr +40K

Close please smiley

Hey guys, I have 40 copies of Dave 0xp. I'd like to get 1.5k for each copy, meaning 60k for the lot. I'm also open to trading for the lot so hit me with your offers!

Can you reply my pm?

That is the minimum price. However, if you really need him, I can negotiate.

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