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wednesday 24/05/2017

I also have a lot of 184 Beef (2200each). I will hear any offers.

I'm searching for Guru Cr - 10M

I offer:
2x Kerozinn Cr 0xp - 1M each
Vickie Cr 0xp - 1,2M
Dwain Cr 0xp - 400k
A Award Cr FullXp - 600k
Berserkgirl Cr FullXp - 3M
and 2,8M cash

tuesday 23/05/2017

Dude, you can't buy my card cause your level is too low.

Willing to trade 3 Ratanah Mt, 1 Smokey Mt, 1 Alec Cr, and 1 Ambrose Cr for Ndololo Cr

Offer change

1 Elya Cr 0xp

For your

19 Ratanah Mt any xp


Ratanah Mt and cash smiley

monday 22/05/2017

Boas! Tenho as seguintes cartas para troca:
Por clã:
NDololo Cr 0xp
Leliana Lvl 4 983xp

All Stars
Robb Cr 0xp

Rex Sweig Full

La Junta
Amiral Py Cr 0xp
Ray 0 xp

Hemdall Full
Tomas Full
Sasha 0xp
Sasha Full

Cyb Lhia 0xp
Rahi Sledon 0xp
Naele Full

Hoffman 0xp
Rolph 0xp

D4 Funk 0xp

Ruru 0xp

Ulu Watu
Wooly 0xp

Olga 0xp

Nellie 0xp
Dr Six x3 0xp
Wendel 0xp

Spiaghi Cr x2 0xp

Bridge Full

Miss Stella Full

Noemi 0xp

XIII 0xp


Smokey Mt
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Alec Cr

Posso também vender algumas das cartas mais baratas! Todas as cartas ao preço do mercado! Contactem-me com propostas!

Desculpem o post longo mas estou sem clintz e as cartas mais baratas são úteis para cobrir pequenas diferenças!

Interested in Ratanah Mt and Smokey Mt lots as well

Kerozinn y Vickie Sell

Hi, peeps.

I pulled a Dwain Cr out of a crate some time ago. I waited to see if he was one of the two but no cigar. Considering I like cards that are more playable, I'll take offers to trade. 0 xp

Considering cr prices are dropping at the moment I'm sticking an initial value of 350K. Currently the cheapest copy on public is 415K (full), but if it drops significantly lower I will adjust accordingly.

I'm looking for the strong cards in any clan since I'm very fickle and like being able to change clans on a whim.

Some cards I'd accept in trade:
Robb Cr (200K) - Mechakolos Cr (125K) - Mona Cr (140K) - Kenny Cr (200K) - Dhaliah Cr (200K) - Yayoi Cr (90K) - Dr Coperica Cr (80K) - Sigma Cr (80K) - Shakaarti Cr (50K) - Eddie Cr (40K) - Gil Cr (75K)

Prices (offer and trade) are current market price rounded up/down, and may be subject to readjustment. Clintz payments may be offered and requested to synch up numbers, or
375K for straight purchase. Trade will go through an Admin, the first I find unless you know a specific one.

If a card isn't on here, like Grax, Tan Man, or Jackie Cr, I probably already own them. More than 1 copy of a card has no value to me. Non-collectors will be considered, if it hits hard, chances are I want it, but also chances are I own it.

PM me or leave a message.

And Kalindra Cr is now 360 k

Hi, I'm willing to sell Dagg Cr 0xp for 70k or for a card that's around the same price +/- 1-3k

sunday 21/05/2017

Looking to trade my Marlysa CR 0xp for a full one plus 500k

Sell only ...

To clarify: I'm looking for Melissa Cr

saturday 20/05/2017

I am selling Manon Cr (1,8m) for 1,7m or trade for playable cr`s like Ymirah Cr , Xantiax robb cr , Caelus cr

Pm me offers smiley

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