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saturday 20/05/2017

Possible 3 times, My 4* vs 0xp + 5000 clintz each (5300vp)

Wanna buy Kreen Cr for 160k

Hi, i would like to trade

My 50x Dj Korps 0xp vs 8x Maana Cercei 0xp

Please pm me thanks.

Up!Nobody is searchin for the G?smiley

Kiki Cr has been Traded

Hi all, I lend Cr next to change:

Kerozinn 0XP Cr / 1.03M
Kreen Cr Full / 199K
Sylth 0XP Cr / 186k
Emeth Cr Full / 210k
Mona 0XP Cr / 150K
Ambrose 0XP Cr / 498k
Kenny 0XP Cr / 240k
Alec Cr Full / 587k
Nahi Cr 0XP / 650k
Phonos Cr Full / 8,5k
Tanaareva 0XP Cr / 540k
Jim Cr 0XP / 499K

I am looking for the following:

Schumi 0XP / 3K
Scylla 0XP / 2k
Hal Gladius 0XP / 1k
Christopher 0XP / 1k

Finally, I accept the money.

I'm mostly interested in Schumi, placing their offers and already looked.


I want to buy Tessa Cr for 1.3mil + 1x Maana Cercei 0xp

friday 19/05/2017

Difference can be paid in cards too smiley

Splata cr is sold, also aldebaran cr is obtained so not looking for aldebaran anymore

Prices skyrocketted because of myth.

500k for Alec
340k Kalindra
390k Caelus
200k Dalhia

Forgot to say. Manon Cr is 0xp

thursday 18/05/2017

Hi I sell Kiki car full xp 9.800.000 clîtz or for exchange contact me private smiley

Tanaereva Cr sold! Thank you for the business guys!

I guess a 4200 clintz t/t more or less i've 50 timmy 0 xp thanks for attention smiley

Quetzal 135k each
maana cercei 155k eachsmiley

Only Noctezuma trade is left thanks

lacking the estimations of the cards you search .

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