friday 01/04/2016

55 pieces for sale by 7800

In cash i accept 1.050.000 Clintz .

Recherche: ( i search )

i guess only that translate is required smiley

Retiro mi oferta

thursday 31/03/2016


Je vends
1) 65 Sean East 0 xp (2.5k/t)

Vp! Merci smiley

wednesday 30/03/2016

I'm looking for Tessa Cr, not matter if it's 0xp or full.
I estimate its value around 1.112.000
I give:
Tanaereva Cr 0xp - 530.000
Jackie Cr 0xp - 330.000
Dr Copernica Cr 0xp - 125.000
Dagg Cr 0xp - 98.000
+ 29.000 (cards, small Crs or clintz)
Total 1.112.000

Surely everything is negotiable.

I am still looking for it~ smiley

No levi sorry

Can change the mix of cards / cash if needed smiley

I buy all of your don 0xp for 26 000 clintz in my private sell :3


Hi there,
I'm looking for DJ Korr Cr
I pay 8,5M cash

I pay 8,5M cash for DJ

I'll sell for 50k + another 50k

tuesday 29/03/2016

12 0xp and 4 full. 50k each. pm me if interested

You can close this , already trade it .

Thank you !

monday 28/03/2016

+ 14 in vp!smiley

Yup 8.6M cash and 3 kalindra cr ... and he was 0xp smiley thanks everybody we can close everything
RAMZY thanks for your support ... levi u2 smiley
freddy i also knew that i was below the offer ... but that was simply my starting offer smiley
so happy btw

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