thursday 07/04/2016

Wrong thread, I think general would be better. I'll still help you though, check your PMs

I've got one copy of Beltran Cr (Full exp), would like to sell/trade him for:
- Emeth Cr + 280k
- Blaaster Cr +110k
- Dalhia Cr + 160k
- 400k

PM me with your offers please! smiley

Je veux acheter une copie du général Cr

0xp - 7.750.000 or full - 7.650.000

mis en vente privée. Je vous remercie

Dragan Cr for:
- 910k cash
- Jackie Cr Full (340k)

contact me in private smiley

Hi everybody
i'm looking for only one copy one this cars and i propose
57 Geoffrey (22,2k/t)
62 Wooly (23k/t)
180 Dylan (1800/t) tous 0 xp

thats my list
Mandy 16k
Pavel 19k
scooler 9k
Bruce Rb 12k
Maeva Rb 14k
Coraille Rb 15k
Tania Rb 15k
miss xingshuu 17k
Heegrn Cr 19k
dr lisa 21k
Boris Cr 23k
Drak 28k
Walker 31k
Drakorah 33k
Sabrina 33k
Dj Korps 36k
Djengo 36k
Joy 38k
Fairbanks 43k
Michael 50k
Galactea 51k
Wee Lee 55k
Konrad 55k
Locke 55,5k
Pr Cushing 57k
Shakra 60k
Lady 60k
beck-nena 64k
Kolos 70k
Impera Sloane 114k

^____^ ps


Hideki, thanks for your reply! smiley

What a bumer, I just bought a Drake so I could sell it for 26k to you smiley

wednesday 06/04/2016

Buying drak for 27k each

Up. buying for 25k each

Yes, a little mistake smiley

Ur estimations ?

I have one Kinichaw Cr with a cash of 6k looking to exchange for impera sloane.

Buying with cash only I value her at around 5.6m this is negotiable message me with offers.

tuesday 05/04/2016

More than 3m of Raptor 0 xp here (aucion) :

Buying skrumxxt 0 xp , 7k/each. Straight to my ps. Thank you

4 Ratanah Rb for ur Geuner Cr, just PM me if interested. smiley

Hello, I buy :

Nellie 0xp : 10.000/u cash (max 50)
Nellie 0xp : 11.000/u vs playable Cr


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