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wednesday 26/07/2017

tuesday 25/07/2017

What do you have to propose ? i have my friend have general cr

No thanks

Also now with the way collections work, you need a card at each evolution level to count towards your score.

I am Looking for Marshal 140.000 clintz

Ongh Cr 0xp 100.000 clintz
Striker Cr 0xp 36.400 clintz

missing only 3.600 clintz, and for that I offer one XIII 8.000 clintz

send me a pm.

Thanks guys, just bought from another player. All done.

Mods you can close this thread now.

PM me if you're willing to make this sale

Interested in bulks of :
100 Antoinette , 200 mandrak , 100 miloz . 200 arantxa , 100 james . 200 choko , 200 oxo , 100 baka , 100 artueo ?? all 0 xp

Aha Haha, well then its 11mill for djkorr then so there is no misundertanding

London is the capital of the great britainsmiley

monday 24/07/2017

Not interested in bulks, sorry

[TRADE] Dr Elisa 0xp for Firebanks 0xp or full + clinz

Ok i accepte . i send u ymirah cr full

Cash , check pms.

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