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thursday 12/05/2016

All lots are sold except Mercury

wednesday 11/05/2016

No bro :/

Very nice price!smiley


As the title says, I am looking to trade some lots for Crs. Below is what I have to offer:

- 120 Ngrath (101 0 exp, 19 Full) - 4K each
- 104 Graven (61 0 exp, 36 Full, 7 4*) - 12.5K each
- 47 Noland (41 Full, 6 4*) - 4.3K each

If you wish to buy them, we can work out a deal as well. Send me a message if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Thanks for reading!


Je voudrais proposer un échange pour votre Cr général (8 millions). Voici ce que je dois offrir:

- 840 Tuck (655 0 exp, 160 complète, 14 3 * et 11 * 2) = 10K chaque

Envoyez-moi un message si vous êtes intéressé ou souhaitez négocier. Je suis également intéressé par DJ Korr Cr ou Kiki Cr ainsi que je peux ajouter plus de cartes / clintz si nécessaire. Merci pour la lecture et bonne journée! Aussi, je ne parle que l'anglais, donc s'il vous plaît excuser la traduction si elle est éteinte, merci!


I would like to propose a trade for your General Cr (8 Million) . Here's what I have to offer:

- 840 Tuck (655 0 exp, 160 Full, 14 3*, and 11 2*) = 10K each

Send me a message if you are interested or would like to negotiate. I am also interested in DJ Korr Cr or Kiki Cr as well which I can add more cards/clintz if necessary. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

tuesday 10/05/2016

No one?

Hey Folks i Buy:
Lennard 0xp for 17.5k each (max 25)
Arantxa 0xp or full xp for 6.2k each (max 50 )
Cindy 0xp for 4k each (max 50)

Pm me for big Lots or directly land in my P.S
I also have Collectors like Ombre Cr , Page Cr and Noctezuma Cr and few rb's like Bryan Rb , Graksmxxt Rb to Trade smiley

Have a GooD Day folks smiley

Josephine sold smiley

You realise tuck on market is 8k and graven 12k?

monday 09/05/2016

Hi smiley

estim a lot of 1000 gatuhica 0xp smiley?


Lyse 5.5M

Kiki cr 8M

I offer dregn 0xp + 3 virginia 0xp

11 messages

Ok no longer have blaaster cr and dont need bristone or spiaghi.

now looking only for 1000-2000 zapatino

I'm looking to improve my collection , so i don't look only for cr's . make a list with what you got for trade and sed it to me ( cards above 10k only )

thank you

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