saturday 20/02/2016

I can buy all with cash if u want

friday 19/02/2016

Madelone, Wolfgang, & Hula is equal to 28,000 clintz. I dont wanna spend more then 50,000 clintz on Antoinette.

El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1250 / tete
Arturo 0 xp 4300 / tete
Mango 0 xp 1750 / tete
Abey 0 xp 900 / tete
Miss Xingshu 0 xp 14500 / tete
Arantxa 0 xp 4000 / tete
Shaker 0 xp 19000 / tete
Granny May 0 xp 1500 / tete

en vp smiley

Kriminal it's right

I buy all of your glorg 0xp 14.000 and uranus 0xp 35.000. smiley

thursday 18/02/2016

If anyone want sell Big 5,Write me in PM.Thanks.

Hi,I stop finish this game,i need do something in real so i sell my coll for 1 Big 5 or we can trade in PM.
Write me if anyone is interested.

690 Gradymag full xp 2.5k/u
660 Lacasse full xp 850/u
625 Judge Scare full xp 1200/u
85 t47 full xp 3250/u
60 Palmer full xp 2050/u

Sell or trade for Crs and playable cards... send me MP, thx...

Bonjour je achéte:

7 zdrone 0xp 2,5k/T
30 el matador 0xp 15k/T
33 devil dog 0xp 8.5k/T

En vp merci smiley

Yayoi cr
shaakarti cr
sigma cr
+ 40K clintz

wednesday 17/02/2016

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g Draheera 10k/t

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g draheera 10k/t

Wait 3-6 weeks impera sloane will be abt 40-60k

don't buy it 100/e it's waste of cash smiley

59 Malicia 0xp for 7.5k/unit (market price)=442,5k
I acepp cash and crs (caelus cr=200k, kalindra cr=200k, kenni cr=100k, Award Cr=390K and other crs, make you offer)

Award sold.
Skullface=380k (his price go high), no slow price or 400k in lots card

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