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wednesday 17/05/2017

Vickie Cr isn't 1.5 m. Her price will fall again to 900k-1 m.

130K i need one?

Hi Cooper Cr(184k) + Rage?

tuesday 16/05/2017

Wanna buy Jackie Cr for 360k
Sell Ambrose Cr and Tanaereva Cr for 410k each

I buy 2 argos

Hi! Send me Jackie Cr for 370k smiley

I also have 2 0xp rage to trade

monday 15/05/2017

I add
Ambrose cr 0xp 458k

Greetings all

I'd like to trade

2 rage oxp for 4 AI-lycs

not looking for anything else, thanks.

I have 1 can i send u yo vp?

I have 73 argos 0xp at 3.5k clints each, or 255.5k clintz total. If you buy them all, I'll sell them for 240k total.

Ok no problemsmiley

This is an old thread.

sunday 14/05/2017

Smokey Cr is gone

All cards sold please close this thread

Aren't you a hypocrite? smileysmileysmiley

Sorry again smiley I can't seem to post in the french forum...

Sorry, wrong forum... Can a mod delete please...

I'm also interested in Tanaereva Cr

PM me!

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