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wednesday 03/05/2017

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card(s) you want to buy.
State the price that you want to pay; only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

2) You can't buy leaders that are above your player level anymore.
2B) Except on the app, there's an oversight that still lets you buy them via that mean.

3 aegis + 10k and it's ok for me
pm me smiley

Hello I want to sell x2 blaaster cr full xp for 245k each smiley

If you don't want. Ok,I will close this thread.

You have a deal, will be in your ps shortly

As the title says I'm buying manon cr for 1,250k just put in my PS smiley if you want cards PM me

tuesday 02/05/2017

I sell my lot of Dr Six a 10k/u, valuated in (165x10k=1M650k)

Found, thanks smiley

monday 01/05/2017

Trade Cancelled. I might do it another time.

Send me quetzal

Shaakarti Cr 0xp :- 51k clintz only please, pm me

Already got Quetzal

Hello, I wanting to sell 74 0xp Donald (3.7k/u) will sell all for 3.4k/u if all are brought bulk. Thanks

sunday 30/04/2017

Hello everyone today I would like y=to buy some crs
the crs I want are
Lost Hog Cr 10.5k
Chikko Cr 12k
Amiral Py Cr 15k
Noodile Cr 19k
Eddie Cr 29k
Veenyle Cr 32k
Gil Cr 38k
Just put in PS and I will buy as soon as I am online smiley
I can add some clintz if u got more than 1 cr to sell smiley

J'en veux quelque Maana Cercei, alors:

Je vous offre 100 Artus Full (280k, au prix market) pour une Maana Cercei 0xp , seulement faisable 4 fois!

Merci beaucoup! Les laissez dans mon VP.

Can you add clints?
Maana cercei is at 209k market value right now
Lee long is at 395k

Once again, the MOBster helps me out.

I'll shut this down now.


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