monday 31/08/2015

22 noodile cr 0xp smiley

sunday 30/08/2015

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+ Compliment ?

Sorry as already said by rules you cannot increase the price once you degrade it, i need to close it and make a good subject next time please smiley

If it's only cash I could let them go fo 58k/each

It's missing a bit Jesuz, but not that much smiley

Note: ratanah Rb sold
Ironjaw left!smiley

saturday 29/08/2015

Solded close it thnx smiley

Someone bought my shawoman in the market.
So thread closed

I mean sorry, only the cards above smiley

friday 28/08/2015

If the price changes outside the value the price will automaticly change.

I think maybe English isn't their first language and 'lotto' meant lot?

86 Anna 0 xp gone.

Hi everybody,
i'm looking for this 0xp cards for 1k each:

Kagura,Clifford,Eleanore,Keitha,Nova,Miss Nova,Sliman,Capri et judge scar

thank you

I will sell Kenny Cr for 81000 Clintz
I'm interested in:
If interested,PM me.

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