tuesday 11/08/2015

I value Chikko cr for 18k and Swidz cr for 190k
trading those 2 0xp cards for the ff:

Blaaster cr 170k
ruru 30k
petra 8k

PM me for other offers

monday 10/08/2015

You can find it on another forum, but on English forum, I will be sure you can't find any General at that price. smiley I just don't want you to waste your time here and people will say the same thing I say. smiley Good luck!

Melissa Cr 0xp 400k
Skullface Cr full xp 300k

Rb cards

Hi, i sell my 724 jakson a 7k l'eun in cash or sell tramited scamble for lyse terrya cr

5.1M clintz

Got robb Cr now only need Caelus

sunday 09/08/2015

Sold to Titan:

Lamar Cr + Kiki Cr + 25k cash smiley

I still need to trade these Crs:

Flavio Cr 2* + 8k = Flavio Cr 0xp

Ambrose Cr full + 4k = Ambrose Cr 0xp

Tanaereva Cr full + 3.5k = Tanaereva Cr 0xp

Selsya Cr full + 3k = Selsya Cr 0xp

Jackie Cr full + 3k = Jackie Cr 0xp

Dounia Cr full + 3k = Dounia Cr 0xp

Caelus Cr full + 3k = Caelus Cr 0xp

Blaaster Cr full + 2.5k = Blaaster Cr 0xp

Robb Cr full + 2k = Robb Cr 0xp

Page Cr full + 2k = Page Cr 0xp

Kenny Cr full + 2k = Kenny Cr 0xp

Yayoi Cr full + 2k = Yayoi Cr 0xp

Chiara Cr + 2k = Chiara Cr 0xp

Still selling Robb Cr ?

I need rescue cards and I am willing to trade/buy them
Most needed are
Kerry, Reeves, Marco cr, Slyde, Buckler, Campbell and Alec cr

saturday 08/08/2015

Hriger 8,400 Clintz
Methane 6,250 Clintz
PM me or post reply if you want.

2 Melissa Cr 0xp 405k/each

Hi everybody, I'm looking for 1000 or more copies of Tyd, 0xp or full xp is the same.
1 copy 840 Clintz
A lot of copies -> pls send me a pm smiley

I can pay all in cash. Thx smiley

Remember there must be a sell or trade title, i fixed it, you need to do from next time, good luck smiley

friday 07/08/2015

@FutureURK - These estimations are from last Tuesday, B5's AND other playable cr's +800kk aren't stable in prices...
ex : Splata Cr takes 50k since I made this topic..

PS: However, my pms are opened for any talks about my DJ smiley

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