sunday 10/01/2016

Please write an approximate value you would like to buy Elya for.

Thanks, and good luck! smiley

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As per the rules, please write at least an approximate value you would either like to sell or trade your cards for. You can always negotiate afterward in your PMs.

Thank you, and good luck! smiley

I sell 96 Randy full xp 2300 clintz/each one smiley


mon dj korr cr 0xp contre dj korr cr full xp + 5k
par vp smiley

saturday 09/01/2016

Close topic

I am looking to buy or trade Hurricans characters pm me if you want to trade or sell me any thanks.




Pm me with offers


I want:
Elya Cr, 880k
Aldebaran Cr, 950k
Flavio Cr, 970k
Shawoman Cr, 970k
Lyse Teria Cr, 5,65M
General Cr, 7,65M
Kiki Cr, 7,85M
Guru Cr 8,95M

I offer:
- 53 Dounia Cr, 285k/t
- 9 Dr Copernica Cr 0xp, 62k/t
- 7 Boris Cr full, 25k/t
- 2 Lao Cr 0xp et 1 Lao Cr full, 1,19M/t
- 1 Scarlett Cr 0xp et 1 Scarlett Cr full, 1,3M/t
- 2 Kinichaw Cr 0xp, 62k/t
- 1 Sum Sam Cr, 1,29M
- 1 Rass Cr 0xp, 900k
- 1 Armanda Cr 0xp, 1,45M

Pm me if you have any for sale.

Also looking for 0xp cards again would only like one copy of each character thanks.

1 splata cr sold

friday 08/01/2016

Looking for 0xp cards no duplicate cards I'm not goingtolist exactly what I want just send a message with characters you wish to sell me no duplicates please

Pm me or leave message here

All Gheist gone except koshiro

Somehow, I always attract trolls smiley Fine, 3 can play at that game.

@Puma. Sell me General Cr for 50 clintz and you've got a deal

@Ductor?? Dwerg. How many Lyse teria are in that lot? smiley

Pm me or message on here

Le lot est 50 roger 0xp
fin: 9/1 22:00
je cherche:
nahema 0xp/full 5k/4750
peu cartes

J'achete :
Deborah 0xp pour 1500/t (max 100)
Granny May 0xp pour 1250/t (max 100)

My search is finished smiley

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