thursday 07/01/2016

No longer need:

Jackie CR
Kenny CR

41 Daddy jones left
2 Yayoi CR left

Full xp for 330k

Sorry completely confused Steve and Doctor Norton cr

A link to the cards you want to auction is not permitted and your cards are already up for auction, you don't need another thread smiley

wednesday 06/01/2016

Hi everyone
i trade my 400 earl 0xp for 25k each one
i'm looking for cash and cr ( max 1 copy)
for example jackie cr 240k kalindra cr 220k

Bublgmm x 50 500 clintz each card
Cristalys x 50 2.5k each card
Abey x 50 1.2k each card

Not actual anymore thanks for the interest. smiley

Hello I want multiples of Yookie , I have cards and clintz for trade
I will take any xp , I value each Yookie at 3.2k

Pm me if you want to trade or sell


j'ai met encherches

50 drakorah 0xp

PDD - 35k/T

j'ai accepte quesles cr's
tessa cr - 950k
kerozinn cr - 940k
lamar cr - 900k
etc etc.. proposez moi

fin le auction : 6/2015 19h00

merci smiley

Sell you sum sam cr for 1.269.000 Clintz

tuesday 05/01/2016

Kalindra cr are now 3smiley

Guys please tell me if you have a nabrissa card! Buying it for a cheaper price

Send reply if interest -


Hi i sell

x50 gertrud 0xp 14,5k/e
x50 wolfgang 0xp 6,8k/e
x50 ditha 0xp 7k/e
x2000 luba 0xp 850/e

Your estimate on 250 0xp Dolly cr?

I don't want a load of the same card unless it also comes with some clintz (preferably more clintz then cards).

I have another shaker 0 XP that I want to trade for yookies

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