sunday 27/12/2015


550 Vera 0xp - 2000/t
210 Dorothy 0xp - 2200/t
200 Arlene 0xp - 3500/t
200 Earl 0xp - 25.000/t
100 Orlando 0xp - 550/t
35 Perle 0xp - 8500/t

Lot Bonus - 1000 Christelle 20.000/t
Lot Bonus 2 - 50 Morlha 0xp 3500/t

I search

DJ Korr Cr/ Guru Cr 8.5M
Lyse Teria Cr 5.4M
Kiki Cr 7.5M
Marlysa Cr 1.6M


Rex Sweig 0xp 63k
XU52 0xp 25k
Eyrton 0xp 5k
Zlatar 0xp 2k
Ongh 0xp 65k

offers welcome

saturday 26/12/2015

C mon guys 15k /t

Tags :

[SALE] = sale
[BUY] = buy
[PURCH] = purchase
[EXCH] = exchange
[AUCT] = auction

We will reject a post without carefull next time.

Hi, I'm looking buy Pilzken or give you cards for him

friday 25/12/2015

I don't search any Lucky Noel, but it's possible to exchange with other cards mentionned
Sorry for my English smiley



Not interested in Ongh

looking for mona romana nabrissa

Up to 3k. Common guy smiley

thursday 24/12/2015

Hello, 1 Elya Cr full for 1 Dounia 0xp + 1 Caelus Cr + 1 Jackie Cr + 20k ?

Sell 81 daddy jones 0xp 15.3k ea and 19 yayoi cr 0xp 73k ea

Sell or change Lennard.

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to trade the following for you Scarlett Cr (preferably 0xp) which I value at 1.1m

- 30x Naliah 0xp = 4/e

- 1x Jackie Cr full xp = 235k

- Clintz = 745k

If you're interested please PM so we can do the trade faster!

Thank You! smiley

wednesday 23/12/2015

Hello to everybody i sell or trade 100 byron 0exp 18k each and 100 dr copernica cr 0exp 70k each

i'm interested to :

kiki cr 7,3m
Noctezuma 0exp 60k/each
Dregn 0exp 55k/each
Elvira 0exp 7.5k/each (max 10)
Bloodh 0exp 22k/each
Charlie 0exp 50k/each

i trade in private sale

if u are interested contact me

tuesday 22/12/2015

Bump this an still looken for cassio cr for 150k

No proper way to make a thread
Please read rules.

Trade my Sum Sam Cr oxp agains cards like Uranus 0xp,Zatman 0xp,Rex Sweig 0xp und Drakorah 0xp

monday 21/12/2015

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