tuesday 15/12/2015

My offer :
30 kalindra cr 0xp
10 scopica 0xp

i am selling those cards:
El Divino, El Mercurio, La Salerosa, Noctezuma, Wonder Lama, Lumber Jack, Zoe, Vermyn N, Tasty Tast, Shogunn, Shann , Lucas, Lennox , Garrik, Fixit,Fifty , Duke, Chlora , bodenpower, B Bazouka
If you are interested just give me your price for the hole lot

monday 14/12/2015

Sell to A Award Cr for 4000k is more cheaper than in the market.

0 Xp I buy for 9000,

Ps me I will buy 5

sunday 13/12/2015

Im trying ro takeover a character in the market buy em all them sale HIGH PRICE WHO WANTS INN

Looking to buy a berserkgirl cr for 850k

100k Kenny Cr x 1
65k grax x 1
65k grax rb x 1
20k(140k) galactea x 7
24k(72k) xingshu x 3
36k(72k) Shann x 2
16k(80k) Fiddler x 5
12k(84k) lenora x 7
30k Permabarb x 1
19k(38k) Crazy Carlo x 2
22k Beeboy x 1
14k(28k)daddy jones x 2
9k dr norton cr x 1


Adding to fiddlers to speed this up, 902k value total, any takers?


saturday 12/12/2015

2 Rex Sweig 65k (130k)
9 Zaria 30k (270k)
5 Drakorah 30k (150k)
9 Rattle 30k (270k)
6 Wilde 17k (102k)
8 Octana 16k (128k)
850k + 516k = 1366k total
for scarlett cr 1240k

I have olga noel , what is your offert?

I have an offer for 975k.

Nahi cr 0xp

interested in:
playable crs

friday 11/12/2015

Still looking

38 kalindra cr 0xp
1 guru cr full or 0xp
1 dj korr cr full or 0xp

thursday 10/12/2015

Lot 1: Looking for DJ Korr Cr 9M , I offer:

150 Zatman 0xp 9M

Lot 2: Looking for Lyse Teria Cr 5.5M , I offer:

150 Ghumbo 0xp 4.5M
150 Tuck 0xp 1M

Lot 3: Looking for Lyse Teria Cr 5.5M , I offer:

50 Dorian 0xp 2M
50 Coby 0xp 1.4M
40 Zaria 0xp 1.25M
10 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 620k
Blaaster Cr 230k

Lot 4: Looking for Lyse Teria Cr 5.5M , I offer:

200 Annie 0xp 600k
150 Wonder Lana 0xp 700k
150 Mandrak 0xp 600k
50 Gertrud 0xp 700k
50 Lola 0xp 650k
50 Malmoth 0xp 400k
50 Rhyno 0xp 350k
50 Wolfgang 0xp 350k
50 Saddy 0xp 200k
50 Mahimatah 0xp 200k
50 Akiko 0xp 100k
50 Otakool 0xp 100k
50 Laetitia 0xp 100k
2 Blaaster Cr 460k

I can listen other proposes with Bigs PM me smiley

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