saturday 11/07/2015

38 Bengal 0xp for 1 Vickie cr full?

friday 10/07/2015

15 Liona 0xp for your Caelus Cr?

Are you interest by lots like: mokra 0xp, saki 0xp, kawamashi cr 0xp?

Sell/Trade Elya Cr for 823,990 Clintz or against cards worth 823,990 Clintz

WTB YOUR Lady for 45k any level, PM if interested, thanks

thursday 09/07/2015

Chiara cr 40.9k /head

I sell 230 La Bestia 0xp 16500/each , look market price he is 18k

divisible by 23 0xp

come on fast !!!!

I can accept other cr playable or non playable

Looking for Chiara Cr, I want to buy it with 35000, can offer any deal if you like. smiley

Pour s'amuser un peu cette nuit un petit curlix 0xp
Prix de départ : 50
Je prends cash et gertrud 0xp a 8k smiley
Fin à 1h29
Merci smiley

wednesday 08/07/2015

Send me 50 full xp
will ya?

Like it says in the title...

I'll trade my Blaaster Cr full for your Dounia Cr full.
Can sweeten the deal, depending on market fluctuations.

Please send me a PM if you're interested and thanks! smiley

I sell 240 la bestia 0xp 16500/each , look market price he is 18k

you can bye 1,10,50,100,150 ...

Other 100smiley

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