sunday 28/06/2015

17 Edd Cr 0xp
Sell in 43k c/u
Trade in 45k c/u

interesed in
Tessa Cr Full
Caelus Cr Full
Jackie Cr Full
Vickie Cr Full

I am selling some of my doubles.

1 Sliman (790c)
1 Zatman (37000c)
1 Pesth (4000c)
2 Jakson (8300c)
3 Macej (5400c)
6 Graksmxxt (3full xp, 3 0xp) (57000c, 60000c)
7 Diana (6 full, 1 0xp) (8000c, 9000c)
64 Coleridge (900c)
93 Flanagan (600c)
162 Martha (1700c)

I am looking for clintz or these cards:
Smokey CR (120000c)
Lizbeth (60000c)
Ahkab (21000c)
Fischer (15000c)
Raskal (10000c)
Selma (10000c)
Miss Lizbeth (8000c)

Pm me for offers. thanks!

saturday 27/06/2015

No seller @ 2050 ??

> 35 Christelle 25 0 exp 8 full 12.5k each
> 12 Dregn all 0 exp 65k each
> 7 Pericles all but 1 full exp 79k each
> 45 Sera M1 all 0 exp 22k each
> 13 Xingshu all 0 exp 33k each
> 155 Earl all 0 exp but 14 of them 23k each
> 30 Zoe ( 8 full exp rest 0 exp) 17k each
Im looking for cash, lots of cards and b5 .Any other crs ask me

14 Pericles 0exp (85k/each)
45 Zatman 0exp (40k/each)
43 Oyoh 0exp (5.5k/each)
25 Ongh full exp (65k/each)
13 Ulrich full exp (4k/each)

Looking for:
Marina 0exp (26.5k/each) Max 44
Bodenpower 0exp (18k/each) Max 42
Ongh 0exp (65k/each) Max 12
Splata Cr qualsiasi exp ( 935k) Max 1

Well I offer one Deea 0XP (3,200) + 2 Ludmilla 0XP for 3 cards in 0xp

1 Deea 0xp + 2 Ludmilla vs 3 Kagura 0xp
1 Deea 0xp + 2 Ludmilla vs 1 kagura 0 xp + 2 Clifford 0xp

Tank you

Hi everybody,

today I want to trade some cards from my collection, following cards I have for trade:

169x Aaron 0xp 6k/u (1M 14k)
359x Oxo 0xp 2,3k/u (825,7k)
55x Liona 14k/u (770k)
Elya Cr (740k)
175x Magnar 4k/u (700k)
34x Crazy Carlo 18k/u (612k)
36x Hindelga 15k/u (540k)
68x Duke 6k/u (408k)
Skullface Cr (313k)
22x Brody 0xp 11k/u (242k)
36x Betelgeuse 6k/u (216k)
29x Jordygn 0xp 7k/u (203k)
32x Lucy 4,2k/u (134,4k)
Lizbeth (70k)
Dregn 0xp (65k)
21x Glenn 2,3k/u (48,3k)
2x Rhed Cr 20k/u (40k)
4x Shogunn [3x 0xp 9k/u + 1x full 8k/u] (35k)
Hammer 0xp (13k)
Trish (13k)
Oshitsune (12k)
Stacey (10k)
Grace 0xp (9k)
Shifou (8,2k)
Liu (7k)

I want to get ONLY following cards:

GraksmxxT 60k/u (max 4)
XU52 21k/u (max 4)
Leviatonn 20k/u (max 3)
Steve 19k/u (max 4)
Havok 18k/u (max 3)
Bryan 14k/u (max 9)
Olga 14k/u (max 3)
Rubie 12k/u (max 8 )
Lulabee 11k/u (max 7)
Ielena 11k/u (max 3)

Mona 72k/u (max 4)
Charlie 44K/u (max 2)
Shakra 38k/u (max 2)
Ratanah 38k/u (max 3)
Wee Lee 34k/u (max 4)
Uranus 27k/u (max 3)
Dorian 26k/u (max 2)
Don 24k/u (max 2)
Hax 20k/u (max 4)
Toro 19k/u (max 2)
Bodenpower 18k/u (max 2)
Hikiyousan 16k/u (max 4)
Peeler 13k/u (max 6)
Juicy Lord 11k/u (max 4)
Crassus 10k/u (max 4)

★★★ For a trade - just leave your message here or PM me 0 Spycee ★★★ Happy trading smiley

I have for trade a Dagg Cr full xp and would add cards to make up the difference mostly NB cards and some older cards pm for more info.

J'echange Mes 7 Tasty Tast 0xp (14,000) contre un Chel 0xp (13,000)

Je peut faire l'echange 4 fois smiley

friday 26/06/2015

Looking to buy Armanda Cr for 2.4mil clintz. Feel free to put her in my private sales. Thanks

Sorry 475k cash please smiley

While I'm not saying this is a huge rip off or anything, the lowest offer on the market is 3m right now. smiley

Hi I'm looking for some raptors please pm me and then I will send you a list of all the cards am willing to trade

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