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friday 13/01/2017

I want
Dasha 10k
Miyo 14K

I can trade with
Choko 3k
Mandy 3k
Brutus 20k
Mim 26K
Or just cash

I want to sell my Amiral Py CR 0xp for 35k clintz or trade for cards of similar market value (+clintz if needed).
I just want to get rid of him smiley

Thread can be closed, manon cr is gone smiley

15,5K each if you like smiley

Salut à tous,

4 Tanaereva cr 0xp: 495 000/tetè.
7 Jackie cr 0xp: 400 000/tetè.

J'ai pour completer: une Ruru, une Tormentah, et plus copies de Muze (le tout en 0xp) et aussi du cash.

Je recherche des CR manquant, comme: Beltran cr 0xp, Miss twice cr 0xp; Jim cr 0xp, Ombre cr 0xp, Geuner cr 0xp, et d'autre comme les jumelles. J'estime cette carte à 6% en moins du market.

à vous.

Interesents leave private sale I will buy when online smiley

thursday 12/01/2017

Trade completed,i got my Copper cr,thanks 0 Lord-David smiley

Closing this as this definitely doesnt seem to be going as per the topic.
Besides, as per tge new sales rules, u can post an offer only if its atleast 75% of market price.

Thanks for the understanding

I have :

150 Rockwall 0xp 20k/t
87 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 95k/t ( price for Lot) and 85k/each price of 1

i need :
Bloodh 0xp 30k/t max 14
Clive 0xp 19500/t max 36
Cassandra 0xp 12k/t max 20
Nanook 0xp 1400/t max 8
Lehane 0xp 20k/t max 32
Ulrich 0xp 13k/t max 3
Gil Cr 0xp 90k/t no limite
Zaria 0xp 47k/t max 81 ( price of 1 zaria )
GraksmxxT Cr 0xp 72k max 9

Azrael i do business with all people,my price are negotiable,It is unhealthy to judge someone without knowing it, I never think that American / English were Naif people or ignorant Otherwise you can go somewhere else with your clique like Danger and company the people with the big belly smiley

Another possible trade :

1 Vickie Cr 0xp (valued at 1M200K)
400 Langren 0xp valued at 3k each

Nobody want rockwall 0xp?

Don't need djengo and Dorian anymore

I'm trading my 0xp Sylth Cr for a full one plus 20k Clintz smiley

Ok for me (0xp)

Edd cr 0xp + dr copernica cr 0xp + mona cr 0xp

wednesday 11/01/2017

Reach level 80


I have a 0 xp Xantiax Robb Value at 600k ( for a trade )

I'm looking for

- Raam 0xp (60k)
- Aegis 0xp (40k)
- Langren 0xp (2k) NO MORE THAN 150

Pretty much description. pm for negotiations

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