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wednesday 10/02/2016

Ambrose gone so remainings options is

A) 30 Nellie 0xp + Dounia Cr Full vs 57 Herman 0xp

B) 30 Nellie 0xp + 10 Lenora 0xp + 90k cash vs 57 Herman 0xp

C) 2 Dounia Cr Full vs 57 Herman 0 xp


100 Pericles 0 xp 65k/t

1 Marlysa Cr 0xp 1.8M

1 Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.5M

1 Mona Cr 0xp 210k

1 Geuner Cr 0xp 135k

1M in cash

Je recherche:

DJ Korr Cr 9.5M or

Guru Cr 9.1M or

Kiki Cr 8.4M

Merci! smiley

Offer closed.

I estimate your offer at 382k, add marina and I'll be interested smiley

tuesday 09/02/2016

Pay the real price is too mainstream. he ned to overvalue his cards and undervalue the cards he've to buy.

Yeh forgot sorry xd
anyway got one so its ok.

Hello Gamers,

i trade my Dounia Cr 's against your Jackie Cr 's! [1:1]

Contact me private, if interested.
Thanks! smiley

2x Marlysa Cr full -> 1.7m/u
Sum Sam Cr 0exp -> 1m200k
Splata Cr full -> 1m225k
Rass Cr 0exp -> 900k
40 yayoi cr 0exp -> 75k/t

One, that's against T&C. Two, even if it was legal those prices are insane.

Sold! Thanks everyone.

Up. Looking for Guru Cr too

Looking for 4 Hawkins 0xp or 2 Uranus 0xp or impera sloane 0xp and I add 1 walker

Found what I wanted , looking for 2 0xp Uranus offering Djengo 0xp and Cindy 0xp

monday 08/02/2016

Buying her for 796000

Hi i trade :

- Lyse Teria Cr 5 850 000
- DJ Korr Cr 9 400 000

I acept:
- Cash
- Marlysa Cr 1,5M
- Splata Cr 1,1M
- Lamar Cr 950k
- Kerozinn Cr / Tessa Cr 900k
- Vickie Cr 800k
- Elvis 0xp 14k/T (130 max)
- Propose you smiley

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I've corrected your thread, please keep this in mind smiley


I´m trading Rass Cr 922K for some Earl 0Xp


I'm trading some Crs for Spyke 0xp 57k/each

I have to trade :
DJ Korr Cr 9M
Kiki Cr 8M
Lyse Teria Cr 5M7
General Cr 7M2
Full Cash

If u want cash i can buy all yours spyke 0xp for 55k/each

Only searching for rex sweig now

10 Rex Sweig 0xp = 3 Dounia Cr Full

Still available last 55 ielena 0exp -> 14k/tsmiley

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