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friday 03/02/2017

Ginnifer is a nice card but over rated atm.
Do you want the blink in cash?

If some discount case by case you can ask for it.
I will make the total later on.

Please be mindful of the language used.

To the rest: if the the author wants a profit to do the trade, so be it. Respect his decision and move along.

Send me

@GGladota done deal for selsya cr noctezuma cr uranus lear barduh 20k

thursday 02/02/2017

Selling Pandor for 48000 Clintz in market stage 2 btw trying to save up for a new HIVE card thanks smiley

Also my Shawoman Cr is 0xp by the way which I value at around 1.6M

As a level 17 with no profile pic or credibility it might be hard to sell them

4 Noctezuma Cr 0 xp?

I'll give you a Mechakolos Cr and a Toro Cr for it.

I offer 63 units of Floyd for 1 unit Quetzal.

Pm for faster response. Thank you. smiley

80k please send me trade offer

The post is for people who has XR and need quick cash, and I think 900k is reasonable according to current market.

Hi / Salut,
I take it, in your PS.

Full 8k
0xp 8400

Change xantiax robb cr 0exp valued at 1M by tessa cr 0exp valued at 1.1M
I give 100k complement cash.

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