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sunday 14/02/2016

I have a guru cr (Full) 9M
I am looking for lots of
Rattle 35k P/H (anyexp)
Zaria 36K P/H (anyexp)
Wilde 17K P/H (anyexp)
These are the only cards I am looking for please no other offers. Thanks

If you estimate good i will compete in cash smiley

Hi at all I'm looking for some El Matador 0xp estime at 16.5K/T

I propose:

Offert 1
Lamar Cr 1,1M + 2 Dounia Cr 500k + Chiara Cr 50k vs 100 El Matador 0xp

TOT: 1,650,000

Offert 2
Lamar Cr 1,1M + 2 Dounia Cr 500k + Shaakarti Cr 50k vs 100 El Matador 0xp

TOT: 1,650,000

The choose is yours smiley
I'm looking for 200 El Matador 0xp smiley

saturday 13/02/2016

friday 12/02/2016

Buying Jackie Cr message me for offers. Any level is fine.

These for Splata Cr?

Oh and to be nice i'll add 3 Lenora 0xp smiley so lets say 5.065.000 total smiley

Wanting to trade Tanaereva Cr 0xp
hikiyousan + tanaereva Cr full xp
20k + tanaereva Cr full xp
tanaereva Cr full xp + daddy jones
thanks have a great day smiley

thursday 11/02/2016

Ty mods for that! I am here to update my offer in hopes of having more success. I now value my malicia's 0xp at 9k each,which is 1k under market value. I also value Vickie cr 0xp at 810k so here are my new offers.

90 malicia 0xp for 1 Vickie cr 0xp

270 malicia 0xp for 3 Vickie cr 0xp

460 malicia 0xp for 5 Vickie cr 0xp

No need fuzz anymore only A & B

Hi guys!
I want to sell my 4 Copper Cr 0xp (100k - negotiable)

Just accept cash or some good offers! smiley

I take Mona Cr 0xp in cash in my private sell smiley thanks smiley

smiley Kerozinn Cr and Splata Cr desired more than Elya Cr, non playable desired very little.

Sorry D:, wrong forum smileysmileysmiley


j'ai recherche rb's

Coraille Rb - 38k ( cash - 35k )
tania rb- 40k ( cash - 37k)
acid dc rb- 48k ( cash 44k )
gastroboy rb - 82k ( cash 75k )
sabrina - 82k ( cash - 75k )
bryan rb - 150k ( cash - 140k )

j'ai assui cr's

7 kawamashi cr 0xp - 12k/T
kenny cr 0xp - 110k
blaaster cr full xp - 245k
dagg cr 0xp - 68k

merci smiley

True my bad for jumping

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