tuesday 03/11/2015

Buying 140xp July for 2200 per
Private message or private sale
Thanks smiley

I close, if you're interested -> Pm smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

monday 02/11/2015


j'ai vends tout 0xp !

78 jason - 3k/T
30 rattle - 30k/T
25 ryujin - 1.35k/T
20 oakley - 430/T
16 lucky - 1.1k/T
15 hector - 550/T
13 moro - 500/T
10 capri - 1.1k/T
8 annie 0xp - 2k/T
8 scarol - 350/T
5 july - 2.3k/T
4 zaria - 31k/T
4 wilde - 14k/T

par vp
merci smiley

Hey all,

I want to sell my Leliana 0xp for 400k,please PM me if you're interested

Thank You! smiley

I want to buy a Leliana I don´t mind the xp, i want it for 300k directly in my PV.

See you

8 chel 0xp +6k smiley

sunday 01/11/2015


Jeena 0exp X65 -> 12.5k/each
Taham 0exp X50 -> 9.75k/each
Arno full X10 -> 23.5k/each
Daddy Jones 0exp X155 ->16.5k/each
Pericles 0exp X5 -> 52.5k/each
Rahi Sledon 0exp X43 -> 15k/each
Gertrud full X14 ->12k/each

saturday 31/10/2015

9M cash
8M cash+vickie+tana 620+440

I got what I needed. And only 2 from private sales.
The market's way better than forums...people only want to buy for less and sell for more.
I'm disappointed smiley

Happy halloween people

And for this occasion I want buy Timmy (XP doesnt matter) for 2300 ctz a piece.
Prices can be changed.

PM me if you want to trade smiley

Please put everything in PS


Pushing Arlene up to 3.5k / each cause of market smiley

friday 30/10/2015

My Vickie full XP + 15k for 0xp. Just pm me and I will send her pronto.

Thank you,

Also, got Caelus Cr 0xp for 220k

Hi, I'm looking for 1 copy of each of the following CRs, ready to pay cash:

745k x Shawoman Cr full
745k x Rass Cr full
820k x Flavio Cr full
820k x Aldebaran Cr full
870k x Manon Cr full

0xp valued same as full.
Drop me a line in private if you want to negotiate (I've got some playable CRs I can insert instead of cash if you prefer)


Selling 120 carrie 0xp. Looking to get 1150/head.

New prices: 510 per head 0xp and 500 per head full xp

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