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monday 08/02/2016

sunday 07/02/2016

30 Herman 0xp vs 28 Fuzz 0 xp

100 ielena sold

I am looking for Noctezuma 0xp, do you have any? I have shann cr and vermyn N and bowenpower to trade and clintz

saturday 06/02/2016

Offer closed.

Caelus cr 0xp isn't available

Also can offer 1000 Caiman Kade lvl2 vs Lamar

Not interested in Dounia, thanks

Last offer 5.5M in ps

Lamar Cr + 300k
Shawoman Cr + 550k

Hello im searching for more Arturo 0 xp lots x50

Possible exchanges


326 Akendram 0 xp 25000 / tete
Kiki Cr full xp 8.4M
Swidz Cr full xp 215000
2 Smokey Cr full xp 250000 / tete
3 Mona full xp 220000 / tete


DJ Korr Cr 9M
General Cr 7.3M
Lyse Teria Cr 5.5M
Kerozinn Cr 875k
Jackie Cr 0 xp 250k
Shaker 0 xp 19000
Pr Cushing 0 xp 32000
El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1150
Arntxa 0 xp 3600
Arturo 0 xp 4200
Mango 0 xp 1800
Abey 0 xp 775
Fifty 0 xp 3000
Daddy Jones 0 xp 16000
Bodenpower 0 xp 21000
Cash + 5%


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[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

So I made a post before and most people offered 0xp cards and/or dissapeared/were dodgy. Regretting turning few offers down.
I'm selling below market price btw.

friday 05/02/2016


je voudrais beaucoup de cartes que sont au ban de ELO.
Saki 15k/t (max. 100)
Draheera 10k/t (max. 100)
El Divino 21k/t (max. 100)
etc. etc.

aussi tessa cr 930k

Guru Cr 9.2m
Dj Korr Cr 9m
Shawoman Cr 860k
Lamar Cr 1m
et des clintz!!


Please specify which cards you are selling and at what price.
Also, next time please use tags.

You can find the Sales Forum rules here;

Granny May 0 xp 1400 / tete
El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1150 / tete
Arantxa 0 xp 3500 / tete
Mango 0 xp 1750 / tete
Abey 0 xp 775 / tete
Pr Cushing 0 xp 30000 / tete
Shaker 0 xp 19000 / tete

In private sales. smiley

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