saturday 24/10/2015

Hello !

I buy your Erika 0 xp 3500 clintz each smiley

Private sales smiley

1x 2500 just sent me smiley


I want to trade caelus cr (215k) for blaaster cr(195k) plus 20k

Pm me for quicker response



Changed to 1100

friday 23/10/2015

Thanks for buying smiley

Please read

Pfulls are banned in the sales forum.

Another cards that i want in 0xp

Zlatar I value 2500 c/u
Ielena I value 15000 c/u
Eyrton I value 5500 c/u
Don I value 27000 c/u

thursday 22/10/2015

Buying Drakorah for 55k-60k
pm me or post witch ever

4 vickie cr availables smiley

300 clintz

New Price : 15.2k each

Apparently, it seems DarkBlood did not want the Rey Mono anymore :/
So, I have 182 0xp Rey Mono that I can sell for 800 clintz each. Looking for cash ONLY.
PM me if you're interested


wednesday 21/10/2015

- Weifang x8
- Giacomo x1
- Seam East x1

Hi i'm looking for 15 cortez 0xp 50k/ea

I have to trade:

- 6 Zatman 0xp 45K/T
- 1000 Geo 0xp 500K (indissociable)
- 9 Page Cr full 80K/T
- Selsya Cr 0xp 420K
- Melissa Cr 0xp 440K
- Elya Cr 0xp 840K

Looking for propositions thanks smiley

No more mechakolos thanks...
Continue buying kolos 0xpsmiley

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