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saturday 31/12/2016


i sell 20 troompah 0 xp 22k/h

friday 30/12/2016

Looking to trade robb cr 0xp 199k for
Marco cr 0xp 90k
Sledg cr full xp 45k
Ratanah cr full xp 35k

Trading my Geuner Cr (300k) and Pericles (80k) for Ymirah (350k)

I have guru cr 0xp if you add 3M5 cash or cr 0xp

I saw a cardigan for more than 30k yesterday smiley

I am selling 103 toorg( 89 0exp and 14 full) 6k3/each smiley
Thx. smiley

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I add:
6 gatline full 6k/U
14 TOORG FULL 6k2/u
4 cutey full 4k/u

This can be closed now.

I offer:

Kenny Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Dr copernica cr
All 0xp

I trade for the full version + clints or cards, pm with offer, I dont look forum very much.

This trade is made for anyone who wants to make some profit of the decreasing value of the characters in the market due to the Xantiax Robb Pack. It is some sacrifice, but the cards I am offering cannot be found in that specific pack.

8x miss xingshu (16.5k) 0xp vs 1 aegis (50k) and 1 raam (82k)
132k vs 132k

thursday 29/12/2016

Hi there im having those 2 playable cr and im looking for gheist mainly ... cards like xu krang xu52 leaviathon im highly intrested in but ofcourse if there are others offerts i may look into those aswell !

There's 20 brampah noel on market rn for 210 clintz.

Update diyo Cr Nekron Saki Regina and Greendys are gone

Still looking, now I'm not looking for a compliment anymore, prices have changed.

Trade Cancelled. Sorry.

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