tuesday 23/06/2015

Is anyone selling A decent elo deck or has a deck to recommend
I have about 30,000 to spend but not till after 3;00 cause that when I am getting money from my acction

monday 22/06/2015

Hi to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

-50 dj korps 0exp 50k each
-120 byron 0exp 17.8k each

i accept:

cr playables like tessa cr 930k, lamar cr 925k, caelus cr 200k, etc etc

if u are interested contact me

trade in private sale


All the kawan are gonesmiley

Now remain:

29 miranda
38 corrina

As that... buy the pirate from 600 k. The ' price is negotiable.

Make some better offer in my auction with some of these cards and we will have a dealsmiley

I am selling a Freaks deck that is worth 29,000 at least
I want 25,000 or higher, All full stars.
They are

Only 143 oyoh still availablesmiley

250 Dr Norton 0xp price depart 1600 each.

I accept clinz and lots 0xp 5k + per card.

Ends 21/06/15 12 pm

edited by ArtemisBZ monday 22/06/2015, 07:57

Hello, i' m trying to trade my dj korr cr for some crs and cash.
I value him 8m8!

I' m looking for :

atleast 2m/3m cash
then some c playable like:

caelus cr 0xp 200k
jackie cr 0xp 225k
marlysa cr 0xp 1m500
kerozinn cr 0xp 800k

if you want to make me any offert just pm! btw all is negociable smiley

I want to buy Lehane (any xp) for 8.5k clintz each.
Plz put in my PS

Up again.

sunday 21/06/2015

Im looking to buy her full xp hmu if intrested i have lots of cash

Finally got all 25 smiley
Thanks to Levi and UR market smiley

150 graksmxxT 0xp
PDD: 70k/t

Looking for:
lyse teria cr 5m
dj korr cr 8m
guru cr 8,5m
Marlysa cr 1,5m
Vickie cr 0xp 630k
jackie cr 0xp 230k

Still looking!

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