monday 12/10/2015

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.


Looking for:
- Armanda Cr (1450k)
- Lao Cr (970k)
- Aldebaran Cr (800k)
- Ndolo Cr (1100k)
- Others CR's

I can offer:
- 1 Alec 0xp (265k/t)
- 1 Bersekgirl cr 0xp (820k)
- 1 Blaaster 0xp (195k)
- 1 Lamar 0xp (950k)
- 1 Scarlett full (1050k)
- 2 Swidz full (200k/t)
- 2 Tanaereva 0xp (500k/t)
- 1 Vickie full (660k)
- Cash

I consider all offers. Please, send mp for a faster responde.

Hey guys, I have 45 copies of Byron 0xp that I value around 13k each. Looking to sell or trade, open to any offers. I really want Kerozinn Cr, so I'd be willing to add cards and clintz to trade up if you have one to offer

sunday 11/10/2015

@8 & 9: No and not interested

I buy 1 dj korr cr for 8,2M cash

In my PS smiley

I can marlysa cr 0xp for 1.43m smiley

Hey guys, I have a lot of 100 Rekved 0xp that I would like to sell or trade for 4.8k/ea. PM or post here with offers, I'll consider anything

50 pr hartnell 0xp 4k/each in pv smiley


i trdae 45 lunatik full +5k vs 45 lunatik 0xp in pv smiley

then i can trade 1 lunatik full+100 clintz vs lunatik 0xp

I'm looking for last 4 smiley

Did you sold him already?

Nob thanks

saturday 10/10/2015

Willing to sell for 105k but price is negotiable.
Interested in full non-cr clans for trade ( willing to add compliments if needed)
Small Cr Lots

Sent you a pm but I'll post here too. I'll buy all of them in my private sales.

Saturday 18/06/2011, 21:00:
Sold by Death The T to ZacharyThomas as public sale for 11 640 Clintz.


Hi everybody,

I want Lyse teria cr . I prepare a offer for lyse teria cr . I am thinking give 2M cash + scarlett cr + manon cr + kerozin cr + dalhia cr + 6x dorian .

lyse teria (5 180 000) = 2m cash + scarlett (1 149 666) + manon ( 928 000) + kerozin ( 759 000 ) + dalhia cr ( 160 000 ) + 6x dorian ( 162 000 )

I will give 0 xp cr except dalhia and dorians

You can send me message.
Thank you smiley

General cr 0xp 6,5M cash. Simple smiley

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Manon cr found smiley

See title.
My Sum Sam Cr is in mint condition: No scratches, coffee stains or anything.

Hi, I wanna buy Lamar Cr (xp doesnt matter) for 849K Clintz.
pm me If you're interested.

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