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sunday 21/02/2016

Also, I have 1000x Derby Queen (about half 0xp, half full xp) for 500 ctz/ea

By the way, these lots are separable if you so desire

Normally you have to put an asking price on these threads, but I'll offer you 30k in cash or cards for it. PM me to negotiate if you want

saturday 20/02/2016

I'm looking for just one Sabrina

Offer 9x Aaron

You like this trade, send me her to my private sales, no PM needed for this fast trade.


Aujourd'hui je met en enchere 100 Nellie 0xp

PDD: 10k/t

Je recherche:
Des CRs Jouables (e.g Caelus Cr 210k, Copper Cr 90k)

J'ecoute tous vos offres meme si ils ne sont pas des Crs ou du Cash smiley

Fin de L'enchere 24/02 22:59 GMT+1

Bonjour peepz !

je mets encherches

63 billy bob 0xp - PDD 50/T smiley

Mes researches :

0xp cartes et cr's
shann cr - 68k/T
graksmxxt - 75k/T
dr copernica cr 0xp - 80k/T
pericless -60k/T
kinichaw cr - 67k/T
dagg cr - 70k/T

proposez moi

fin le encherche 21/2/16 18h00
merci smiley

I can buy all with cash if u want

friday 19/02/2016

Madelone, Wolfgang, & Hula is equal to 28,000 clintz. I dont wanna spend more then 50,000 clintz on Antoinette.

El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1250 / tete
Arturo 0 xp 4300 / tete
Mango 0 xp 1750 / tete
Abey 0 xp 900 / tete
Miss Xingshu 0 xp 14500 / tete
Arantxa 0 xp 4000 / tete
Shaker 0 xp 19000 / tete
Granny May 0 xp 1500 / tete

en vp smiley

Kriminal it's right

I buy all of your glorg 0xp 14.000 and uranus 0xp 35.000. smiley

thursday 18/02/2016

If anyone want sell Big 5,Write me in PM.Thanks.

Hi,I stop finish this game,i need do something in real so i sell my coll for 1 Big 5 or we can trade in PM.
Write me if anyone is interested.

690 Gradymag full xp 2.5k/u
660 Lacasse full xp 850/u
625 Judge Scare full xp 1200/u
85 t47 full xp 3250/u
60 Palmer full xp 2050/u

Sell or trade for Crs and playable cards... send me MP, thx...

Bonjour je achéte:

7 zdrone 0xp 2,5k/T
30 el matador 0xp 15k/T
33 devil dog 0xp 8.5k/T

En vp merci smiley

Yayoi cr
shaakarti cr
sigma cr
+ 40K clintz

wednesday 17/02/2016

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g Draheera 10k/t

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g draheera 10k/t

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