saturday 03/10/2015

I'm searching a dj korr cr. If you have one, contact me by PM smiley

Lol Darkblood smiley

URK, I already bought at market.

Confusing post and misleading title
feeling kinda upset now smiley

friday 02/10/2015

Sended Pm

All 0xp please

Forgot to say that:

Galactea's current price is: 55k

I search Xinghsu full. 24k

DJ Korr Cr 0xp for DJ Korr Cr full + 15k

pm me to trade if your interested smiley

I have a Drakorah 0XP which is around 220K right now and I am looking for Jackie Cr! Anyone interested let me know smiley

Manon Cr 0xp, Shawoman Cr 0xp and 3m


Lyse teria and 1.3 million for general cr, message for accepting offer or negotiation

Sorry levi,But the max i can go is 8,1M

thursday 01/10/2015

There is no time zone stated in this auction. I will have to close it. I would suggest having a minimum increament so people don't make offers like +1 clintz on top of whichever offer but it is entirely up to you.

Wtf ahahaahahahahaahahah

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