friday 05/06/2015

29 chikko cr full

I am willing to sell my robb cr full xp.
I value it at 102K. Looking for clintz ONLY!

Contact me by PM smiley

Buying a lot of
saki 0xp 19000
saki full 18500

Is anyone selling freaks for relatively cheap or willing to trade for nightmares

thursday 04/06/2015

I want to get "rid" of my 25 dounia cr full xp ea 235k

either cash or cr´s smiley
prefered tan-man, chad bread cr and rass cr smiley

pm for fast response


j'ai met encherches

arnie , Iguana Samson ,Isatis , Scooty, thormund, trish , Tolliver

PDD- 50 clintz !

fin ajourdhui

Kerozinn cr 0xp 850k + Vickie cr full 625k in your ps ?

wednesday 03/06/2015

Sold to MasterSujin smiley


Yes it is,congratulations to: HoA-Demon Campbell will be soon in your PS! smiley

Sold to 0_Lemon smiley
Thanks man

Want to buy the full clan of Huracan 1 copy each character any xp for 235K cash PM me if interested.

Just to clarify, around 5 mil is negotiable and I wouldn't mind adding a few hundred k more.

tuesday 02/06/2015

This lottery is for cheap cards only. Cards worth less than 1K. Donations will be appreciated and listed but under 1k cards only. Enjoy smiley please donate more so more will be given results will be according to

Je souhaite échanger ma kero contre dalhia cr que j'estime a 150k copper cr que j'estime a 80k et Alec Cr que j'estime a 250k le reste je le souhaite en clintz donc 320k . je ne parle que anglais donc si vous souhaitez me contacter envoye moi un message en anglais

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