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friday 03/03/2017

Kerozinn cr 0xp 1 290 000

Kerozinn cr is gone

If you need clintz i will buy any card 15% off market price pm

Yes, http://prntscr.com/efm1a6

Kenny cr for 200k in your private

20k each, I can buy all

Dude, do not sell it for that low. Just put it on market for 430k at least. If you are patient you can get a little bit more in future.

thursday 02/03/2017

Currently selling kenny cr for 240k pm for faatest response

Compare to card like Flavio Cr or Rass Cr, etc... Dragan Cr and Sum Sam Cr are playable Crs.

Please send me all except C Wing

I found everything I was looking for, closing the subject.

wednesday 01/03/2017

i sell page cr 0xp for 115k clintz

I'm offering 750.000.

More offers:

Striker Cr 35k
Wilde 12k
Fastbender 14k
Sabrina 0xp 17k

Looking For:
- Pure Money
- Faiza
- Mokra
- Tormentah
- Xingshu

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