saturday 05/09/2015

Looking for a Dounia Cr i pay 205k cash

friday 04/09/2015

90k cash?

Oh and pm me if intersested


I have 1'500 Rhyno 0xp to sell/trade.

17k in cash

or 18k against cr:

★ DJ Korr Cr (8,9M)
☆ Guru Cr (8,7M)
★ Kiki Cr (7,2M)
☆ General Cr (6,1M)
★ Lyse Teria Cr (5,2M)
☆ Vickie Cr 0xp (630k)
★ Jackie Cr 0xp (230K)
☆ Yayoi Cr 0xp (72K)
★ Rowdy Cr 0xp (72K)

You can even buy only 1 if you want!

As said in the title... I trade my Scarlett Cr 0xp + 250k for your Marlysa Cr Any exp

If someone interested, PM me smiley

Still looking for 1 Akendram! Pm if interested! smiley

thursday 03/09/2015

Marlysa Cr for armanda.

No compliment.

wednesday 02/09/2015

I would like to trade my 2071 Rhyno 0xp (20k/t) for these cards :

- DJ Korr Cr (9M)
- Guru Cr (9M)
- Kiki Cr (7M5)
- General Cr (6M5)
- Lyse Teria Cr (5M5)
- Marlysa Cr (1M5)
- Sum Sam Cr (1M2)
- Sigmund Cr 0xp (730k) ou 2X Miss Twice Cr 0xp (365k/t)

(41M420 vs 40M930k)

If you got an offer, pm me or post it on this subject !!! smiley

Prefer GHEIST though smiley

Well if you want an immediate trade, just throw it in my ps. Thanks smiley

Hi everybody,

i'm looking for this 0xp cards for 900 each:
Kagura,Clifford,Sliman, Nova, Miss Nova

And this ones for 1k each:
Capri, Eleanore

I'll buy these cards in bulk for 510 a piece and 270 a piece respectively

tuesday 01/09/2015


monday 31/08/2015

Sell my tanaereva cr for 440k need clinz or cr

Diyo Cr 93k

Page Cr 93k

Geuner Cr 105k

Cassio Cr 117k

Seldnor Cr 120k

Swidz Cr 176k


Je vais échanger:
- 65 yayoi cr 0xp 80k/t
- 29 kinichaw cr 0xp 54k/t
- 18 Vickie cr 0xp 660k/t
- lao cr full 1M200k
- scarlett cr 0xp 1M250k
- blaaster cr full 170k
- kerozinn cr full 800k
- 2 Rowdy Cr 0xp 72k/t
- jim cr full 300k

je recherche :
- dj korr cr 8m700k
- guru cr 8m600k
- kiki cr 7.1M
- general cr 6M
- Lyse teria cr 5.2M
- caelus cr 0xp 200k
- jackie cr 0xp 230k
- ........
- ....
- ..

I have decided to quit the game after a long time playing. I have here the last 5 collectors in my collection. You can view my profile for the other cards I have put up for sale on the market. Almost all are under market or matching.

Last 5 cards are:

Kawamashi Cr full 8.75k
Dolly Cr full 6.7k
2 Lin Bee Cr full 4.2k each
Veenyle Cr full 40.5k

It has been a lot of fun playing with everyone but it is time to sell these last cards in my collection. Please no trades as I am quitting. I am undecided what I will do with the roughly 3.5mil clintz I have after these sales but they will not just sit on this account. Please feel free to message me ideas on what to do with them!

UR_Genie/// Xi_Chi_Teke

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