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tuesday 08/12/2015

I'm willing to trade my Splata Cr for each of the ff:

Jackie Cr, Drakorah and Rex Sweig and cards/clintz that will be a total of Splata Cr's price on the Market, w/c is at 1.3M.

Woops thats rex sweig x 2

monday 07/12/2015

I want to buy any xp zatman for 45k per copy. if you want quick clintz, you can sell them to me though vp.
i can trade for playable crs if you have more than 1 copy.
for lots, pm me smiley

Bump. Also if you can trade for my Markus, I will accept for 1.2k per head.

sunday 06/12/2015

5 Yaman 0xp 3k/t
15 Sai San 0xp 1800/t
29 Mayhem 0xp 1300/t
44 Gertrud 0xp 13k/t

Also accepting clintz.

Vickie Cr full (692k) + 47K now

TQ open casket and trinity to ~~ for the information ~~smiley

saturday 05/12/2015

Full xp 8.3k/tete

It is completely FORBIDDEN to :
- Exchange, put in auction, sell, buy : credits, accounts, codes, passwords, real money (in fact, anything real).

No thanks. 13 Byron left! Still looking to move these lots!

friday 04/12/2015

This is error smiley http://www.upslike.net/imgdb/Screenshot - 4.12.2015 , 11_27_53-b3f260.png if u can see

I only buy at price mentioned above. They are stable prices.

Magnolia traded for 16 Zaria full + 30k clintz. Thanks to SpykeArtist.

i want to trade my 12 ielena 0exp (14.5k/each = 174k)

I'm looking for:
Dalhia cr (175k) Blasteer cr (200k) Kalindra cr (215k) caelus cr (215k)

I can put the difference in nerfeniti 0exp (2.2k/each) smiley

Still looking for:
22 Flesh Pimp 0exp -> 3.5k/each

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