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thursday 03/08/2017

wednesday 02/08/2017

I got General Cr full and I would like General 0xp.
I give complement in cards or cash.
Say me what you want like complement.

tuesday 01/08/2017


Going price on market is 90k

Rhed CR full

No, sorry.
Only cash or bigs.

I sell 15 Dreen 0xp for 2,5k each card.
Thanks smiley

monday 31/07/2017

I'm looking for a Kiki Cr full for my Guru Cr full.

Send in private sales smiley

Also have these lots to trade :
Regina 0xp
Burton 0xp
Sukareto 0xp
El Mariachi full xp
Rockwall 0xp

I have a splata cr to sell, offer me something for it

I sell 20 Dreen 0xp for 3k each card.
Private Sales
Thanks smiley

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