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monday 15/02/2016

75/head copper cr full xp

Put the priced...

Hello all i am looking to trade 30 0xp Tasty Tast for any combo of crs up to the value of 95k. Any cr will do. Will consider any equal priced lot offer as well.

sunday 14/02/2016

I have a guru cr (Full) 9M
I am looking for lots of
Rattle 35k P/H (anyexp)
Zaria 36K P/H (anyexp)
Wilde 17K P/H (anyexp)
These are the only cards I am looking for please no other offers. Thanks

If you estimate good i will compete in cash smiley

Hi at all I'm looking for some El Matador 0xp estime at 16.5K/T

I propose:

Offert 1
Lamar Cr 1,1M + 2 Dounia Cr 500k + Chiara Cr 50k vs 100 El Matador 0xp

TOT: 1,650,000

Offert 2
Lamar Cr 1,1M + 2 Dounia Cr 500k + Shaakarti Cr 50k vs 100 El Matador 0xp

TOT: 1,650,000

The choose is yours smiley
I'm looking for 200 El Matador 0xp smiley

saturday 13/02/2016

friday 12/02/2016

Buying Jackie Cr message me for offers. Any level is fine.

These for Splata Cr?

Oh and to be nice i'll add 3 Lenora 0xp smiley so lets say 5.065.000 total smiley

Wanting to trade Tanaereva Cr 0xp
hikiyousan + tanaereva Cr full xp
20k + tanaereva Cr full xp
tanaereva Cr full xp + daddy jones
thanks have a great day smiley

thursday 11/02/2016

Ty mods for that! I am here to update my offer in hopes of having more success. I now value my malicia's 0xp at 9k each,which is 1k under market value. I also value Vickie cr 0xp at 810k so here are my new offers.

90 malicia 0xp for 1 Vickie cr 0xp

270 malicia 0xp for 3 Vickie cr 0xp

460 malicia 0xp for 5 Vickie cr 0xp

No need fuzz anymore only A & B

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