monday 05/10/2015

22k each willing to trade for CRs/ certain lots.

sunday 04/10/2015

I buy Numar 0xp for 29k each, put them in PS

Lololol I'll do 490k

Hello Fellas smiley
Today i have a 0xp Lizbeth which i value at 48k

Offers i am most interested :
-Lots of hemera,Raptors
-Any other offers are also valid
- Pm me for offers smiley

Thanks for seeing and have a nice Day


je achete les clan raptors 0xp smiley

Scarol - 275/T
oakley - 350/T
bones - 500/T
moro - 675/T
hector - 710/T
lucky - 850/T
ryujin - 1275/T
Deaf Blake - 1275/T
Capri - 1200/T
Annie - 1700/T
July - 2000/T
jason - 3000/T
wilde - 12k/T
rattle - 25k/T
zaria - 26k/T
rex sweing - 65k/T

pour le exchange
2 marlysa cr 0xp - 1.4m/T
2 jackie cr - 220k/T
blaaster cr - 195k
caelus cr - 190k
kalindra cr - 200k
10 dr copernica cr 0xp - 55k/T

par vp , merci smiley

saturday 03/10/2015

Foundn someone. closed.

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

I'm searching a dj korr cr. If you have one, contact me by PM smiley

Lol Darkblood smiley

URK, I already bought at market.

Confusing post and misleading title
feeling kinda upset now smiley

friday 02/10/2015

Sended Pm

All 0xp please

Forgot to say that:

Galactea's current price is: 55k

I search Xinghsu full. 24k

DJ Korr Cr 0xp for DJ Korr Cr full + 15k

pm me to trade if your interested smiley

I have a Drakorah 0XP which is around 220K right now and I am looking for Jackie Cr! Anyone interested let me know smiley

Manon Cr 0xp, Shawoman Cr 0xp and 3m

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