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thursday 19/11/2015

Pos eso quiero al pirata smiley

wednesday 18/11/2015

10x 0xp sold to (OC-DanTe) , others remain says TheRdBaron smileysmiley

It is completely FORBIDDEN to :
- Exchange, put in auction, sell, buy : credits, accounts, codes, passwords, real money (in fact, anything real).

read the T & C.

i close this.

tuesday 17/11/2015

Hey guys ,
I have 0xp Miss Xingshu which i value at 940k

I am looking for
-Kerozinn Cr and rest
-Jackie Cr
-Cash(means 920k only)
- Other offers welcome smiley

2x Steve rb - 85k=170k
1x Mojo rb - 50k = 50k+

monday 16/11/2015

38 Yaman 0xp 2600/t
42 Macumba 0xp 4600/t
10 Gwen 0xp 700/t
25 Winifred 0xp 1k/t
27 Pino 0xp 580/t
29 Noon Steevens 0xp 700/t
10 Bruce 0xp 1200/t
25 Platoona 0xp 1600/t
9 Ataoualpet 0xp 700/t
26 Ninja Nyne 1k/t
23 Elliott 0xp 380/t
18 Mo DiFalco 0xp 460/t
13 Saddy 0xp 3400/t
1 Brandon 0xp 800/t

Interested in your card. Put in my private market, I'll by asap

500k cash or 530k cards

Pn if you are intrested

sunday 15/11/2015

I have scarlett what offer?

friday 13/11/2015

I would like to buy the following cards:

Galactea for 25k
Xingshu for 21k
Beck - Nena for 33k
Walker for 29k

Dounia Cr is no longer available.

I wanna sell/trade 4 (0exp) Marco Cr:
[Sell price]
2x- 125k (5% off)
All 4- 234k (10% off)
another Cr, I'm free to negotiate

Yeah please list private smiley

wednesday 11/11/2015

interested in zaria 0xp

tuesday 10/11/2015

J'ai acheter Alec Cr 200k et Marco Cr 58k que je les préfère xp complet si vous voulez vendre liste dans mon sp smiley


I'm from Venezuela. I used to buy credits before sending SMS. I stopped playing this game for several months, but now I'm back and I see you removed that payment system. Why?

''..it doesnt >allow you to< select multiple options !''

Your first mistake is spending credits on clintz! even if it is only 1 credit smiley

Bump still looking

Also looking to buy Lyse Teria/Marlysa Cr

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