wednesday 20/05/2015

Hi, I'd like to buy Tanaereva Cr. In exchange, I can offer GraksmxxT, Virginia, Pericles, and 2x Geuner Cr. PM me if you are interested.

18x Betelgeuse 0xp ?

tuesday 19/05/2015

My Marco Cr for Jane Ramba Cr smiley

Cambio mi Marco Cr por Jane Ramba Cr? smiley

Taylor sell!

These are the cards that I am willing to trade away:
2x Robb Cr
2x Blaaster Cr
4x Kawamashi 0xp
1x Kawamashi
1x Sylth Cr
1x Kolos 0xp
5x Kolos
4x Marco Cr
1x Copper Cr
1x Jim Cr
4x Tanaereva Cr

These are the cards I am looking to trade for. If your offer does not contain these cards I WILL NOT ACCEPT:
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
Jane Ramba Cr

I value cards at market price, please no low ball offers. Send me a PM with your offer. Thanks!!!

[Sell/Trade] Ombre Cr for 300K cash or regular cards which i donot own mainly cards worth 2K and more please write down the offers. Thanks

I have a Tessa Cr 0xp UFT

i am mainly looking for playable crs and clintz.

prefered clans would be piranha, skeelz and playable all star cards.

pm me for a faster reply.

I want to buy blaaster cr for 177000 clitcz

Buying your Vermyn N(not Rb) for 65000! smiley

My cards

5 plunk 0xp 4k/e total 20k
7 sera m1 0xp 29k/e total 203k
2 pilzken 0xp 32k/e total 64k
1 pilzken full 31k
3 dawn 0xp 7,8k/e total 23,4k
1 bengal 0xp 12k
3 tomoe 0xp 8,7k/e total 26,1k
2 mokra 0xp 19k/e total 38k
12 harvey 0xp 3,9k/e total 46,8k
5 judge scare 0xp 1,1k/e total 5,5k
1 raskal 0xp 11,2k
2 crazy carlo 0xp 17,9k/e total 35,8k
4 proffer man 0xp 1,1k/e total 4,4k
2 curlix 0xp 18k/e total 36k
3 ellie 0xp 4,5k/e total 13,5k
12 rey mono 0xp 950/e total 11,4k
1 clover 0xp 8,8k
10 keitha 0xp 1,2k/e total 12k
2 la bestia 0xp 17,5k/e total 35k
3 marjory 0xp 8,5k/e total 25,5k
9 anna 0xp 950/e total 8,55k
4 belladone 0xp 3,1k/e total 12,4k
2 buck 0xp 11k/e total 22k
2 campbel 0xp 15k/e total 30k
2 pastor 0xp 16k/e total 32k
5 sue 0xp 1,1k/e total 5,5k
7 wolf 0xp 1,2k/e total 8,4k

looking for

nahi cr 270k
jim cr 310k
kerozinn cr 750k

I have 800 raskal for trade:

1 raskal = 1 kawamashi cr smiley

PM me smiley

Looking to trade Tan-man, love the card but find myself never really using it, would like some combination of playable Crs and clintz, with a particular interesst in Dounia Cr, message me for a faster reply

Seldnor Cr  Level 1 - bought from -DT-LORDGABY  - 112 000 Clintz. (Private)

i sell 141 boomstock 0 xP at 4 250 each .

monday 18/05/2015

Omg wrong section bad computer im so sorry smiley

Close this subject. Player dont have kiki cr and general cr......

You toosmiley

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